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Could this be an atypical outbreak of hsv1?

I have oral hsv1 since childhood and have always had the usual outbreaks 2 to 3 times a year although they got less over the years. They were always fairly typical,tingling followed by fluid filled blisters that would break leak fluid and eventually scab over and were quite painful. Then recently  I got one little white lump at the very edge of my top lip, I dont  remember any tingling beforehand. There was no blisters no fluid,scabbing and it was painless. Not knowing what it was I tried to squeeze it etc nothing came out and it got a little irritated when I tore some dry skin from it. It lasted about 10 days and never changed much in that time and then just disappeared again. At the time I was 100% convinced it wasnt an out break so carried on as normal. Now I am very worried if it was an outbreak jst different that I may have exposed someone genitally after 7 days. Has this happened  to anyone that their outbreaks change completely? Could anyone try to explain how infectious it may have been at 7 days with no fluid scabbing etc present. Not about asymptomatic  shedding. Thanks
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A little white bump that isn't fluid filled isn't herpes. That could have been a clogged oil gland, or just an oil gland that was irritated, so therefore more noticeable.

It could have been a pimple, or a wide variety of other things.

If it didn't blister and form a scab, it wasn't an oral hsv1 outbreak.

However, if you have trauma to the area (a cut or sore from something else), that may trigger shedding. If your partner already has hsv1, they can't get it again genitally. Do you know if they've been tested or if they have it?

No one knows how much virus needs to be present in order to transmit, and it's probably different for everyone and every circumstance.
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Hi thank's for replying. The skin was never broke or there was no sore realy. More a lump realy and now that it's gone back down it's just noticable like a white head.  I'm not in a position that I can contact this person right now. Can I ask for some info..after having hsv1 orally for at least 30 plus year's I rarely get even 1 outbreak now in a year so does this mean it would be shedding less? Or does it stay the same
I can't find any studies that have been done on oral hsv1 shedding rates over time. I don't know that it's been studied for us to know. The studies I did find didn't mention how long the subjects had the infection. I'd imagine that means they all had it for varying lengths of time, but that's an assumption.

I wouldn't worry too much about this. I understand that you don't want to transmit anything, which is admirable, but your partner is responsible for their health, too. If that person is an adult, there's a 50/50 chance they already have hsv1.
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