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Has anyone tried to cure themselves naturally? I took the Igg testing my results said 1.35 High positive. I have been freaking out and been trying to cure myself naturally. (I did have an outbreak) I haven’t taken anything they have gave me. I completely changed my diet and only been eating fruits and vegetables and a some salmon. I have Oregon oil and black seed oil along with some vitamins. I haven’t had another outbreak yet. I plan on getting tested again in a month. I was negative for HSV 1. Have anyone tried to to cure themselve?
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There is no cure for herpes yet. That's not gonna happened.
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I asked have anyone tried to “naturally” do it! I know that no one has not came out with a cure
You don't have to force yourself on healthy diet. Just take lysine capsules everyday is enough to prevent future outbreak.
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So first, a 1.35 isn't anywhere near a high positive. It's barely a positive, and needs to be confirmed. The test ranges say anything over a 1.10 is positive, but most experts think that anything below a 3.5 does, especially if you already have hsv1. At 1.35, you should absolutely get some re-testing done. You can read more about it here - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/

Second, if you do have it, and your next test is higher, and you try to cure yourself, testing won't prove that. The test looks for antibodies, which is our body's response to fighting off a germ. We have no idea if we will always have herpes antibodies or not because no one has ever been cured of it. It doesn't actually test for viral presence in our bodies.

So for now, get a retest done, and if you are negative, it's not because you cured yourself. It's because you never had it in the first place. I know you've said you have outbreaks, but a lot of things can be mistaken for outbreaks. I don't want to give you false hope, just the full information.

Let me know what the retest says.

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Okay thank you so much.  On my test results it say “high”. I will be getting retested and let you know.  
The test said I did not have Hsv1
Ohhh, yeah on the test results, it says "High" if you are over the range of negative. That's a crappy way to put it, now that I think about it. Very confusing.

Please do let us know what the retest shows. :)
I got my results today and now I am at a 2.86 High
Why did it go up that high that fast? Should I have went to another doctor?
No, you don't need another doctor.

When was your last possible exposure you had?

The numbers don't mean a lot - it doesn't mean you have more herpes today than yesterday. My numbers today could be a 5.9 and tomorrow be a 10.5 and the next day be a 4.2, and I still have the same herpes infection that I've had for years. A lot of it is considered background noise in the test, how it's read, etc. Right now, it could have gone up because you are developing more antibiodies, or a different person read the test, or any number of things.

Have you had any of your outbreaks cultured? That would be the best way to determine if what you think are outbreaks actually are.

I'm sorry this is so confusing. I wish it wasn't.

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I just had my first OB 3 weeks ago my IGG was 1.11 but I was also on Valtrex
I learned about Monolaurin and Lysine which I take daily
Also low arginine foods
You’re doing something right because you haven’t had many outbreaks
I believe our immune system can learn how to control the virus
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You can try all those, and I hope they work for you. Some people will have frequent outbreaks no matter what they eat, etc. Others won't. It's not really well understood why some do and some don't.

How soon after you were exposed did you test? It may have been too soon for you to get a positive result. Are you going to retest?

Our immune systems develop antibodies, which help keep the virus in check, to certain degrees. The thing about herpes is that it recurs. Nothing you do will change that.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "control the virus", but for others reading this, in case they think it means a cure since this thread is called "Cure", please know there is no cure, and that not having outbreaks doesn't mean you don't have herpes and can't transmit it. (I'm not trying to imply that's what you meant - I don't know. I just want to make sure no one else reading this misunderstands.)

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