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Diagnosed HSV2 today, blood +, swab -

I was diagnosed HSV2 positive today from an HSV 1/2 IGG, HERPESELECT TYPE SPECIFIC AB test.

3 weeks before this blood test, (13 weeks after possible exposure) I was swabbed, and negative.

Today my results, 17 weeks after possible exposure,  are:

HSV1: <.90
HSV2: 1.24 , H-Flag

Value          Interpretation
     -----          --------------
   1.10          Positive

I have yet to see sores, blisters, experience any pain, etc. My only hint that something was off was that in the 3 days following my unprotected sexual encounter, I had an itchy vagina, which soon tested positive for Candida and was treated as such. That yeast infection alone was enough to prompt me to test for HSV; otherwise I have no symptoms.

I do not know if that partner is positive for HSV2. However, he gets cold sores, and got one the week after we had contact. I am actually surprised to be negative for HSV1.

Is it possible I have a false negative of HSV1, AND a false positive for HSV2?

I am willing to do a Western Blot. I am just a bit suspicious of the fact it seems to only be available through "Westover Heights Clinic" and Terri Warren. Why are there no other leading voices or agencies on this test?
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I am just suspicious why it is so limited. I hate to jump to conclusions but it is almost like people are paying her $200 for her to tell them they are "negative". Terri Warren if you see this please understand where I am coming from!! I can't fathom that such a common disease is so hard to find more information and spokespeople on.
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I seen a post somewhere in here stating that the wb is not fda approved..
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