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Did I spread herpes to my parents

I got diagnosed with herpes a little over two years ago. I have genital herpes but hsv1. After my first outbreak and first few months of turmoil, the condition has been fairly benign. I dont even know now if I have an outbreak, its usually just one pimple that comes and goes every six months. My parents are old and have a host of health issues. They stayed with me last year for a few months but nothing happened. This year I visited them for only two weeks. I did think I might have had an outbreak. I am not completely sure. For the past week my dad started complaining about a sore on his lip. Its been 2 weeks and he still has it. Its just there, it does not really itch or scab but its right there on top of his lip. I am terrified that I might have somehow passed it to him. I dont know if it was towels or I forgot to clean my hands or what was it. The doc has sent him for blood test. I wont be able to live with the guilt that I might have spread it to him. Could I have spread it to him?
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Hi, the only way to pass your genital herpes is by sexual contact. It not spread by towels but needs direct rubbing contact to be at risk.
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If I may add that at your parent's age, there must be upwards of 80% chance they already have HSV1. So even if the blood test is positive, this will not mean you spread it, which as noted is simply not possible given its genital location.
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Thanks, turns out he was negative, was some kind of bacteria.
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