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Do I have HSV 2?

I have posted before,  I would really appreciate the opinion of dr handsfield, Terry Warren or any body knowledgeable about HSV2...

I am a 35 years old heterosexual male. I had protected sex twice with a woman (unknown status) four month ago. I started a new relationship recently,  very soon after having unprotected sex with my new girlfriend she had her first GHSV outbreak, that she is aware of.

She had a swap test done, which confirmed a HSV 2 infection. ( no blood test).
I started to think that it maybe was me that could have passed  the Virus to her, as an asymptomatic HSV 2 carrier.

She has never tested her blood and never had any GHSV symptoms that she is aware of effort this. Her last sexual encounter was almost 9 month before me. I would also like to point out that she had a full blown out brake. From what understand that happens most of the time at the first time, as soon as  an individual contract the virus (am I wrong?)

I had and IGG and IGM test done 3 days after her lab result came back positive and approximately 2 weeks after having unprotected sex with her.
I have never noticed any sores or symptoms in my life.

My IGM came back negative and my IGG came back positive for HSV 1 but Equivocal for HSV 2. Unfortunately I was not able to get the exact numbers of the test from the lab. They told me to do it again in 2 weeks.

I am very confused with the seroconversion window of time. Some people say 3 month other say 4, others 6.

So if my IGG came back equivocal after almost 4 month of exposure to my previous partner.
1-is it safe to assume that I did not have HSV 2 before this current relationship?

I am only interested to know this, because if indeed I was not infected before this current relationship there are still chances that I may not be infected at the present moment. Right?

2-What are the  chances that I could have exposed my girlfriend to HSV2 after having sex in 3 unprotected occasions, if my test results for HSV 2 came back equivocal after her outbreak?

3-Is it very likely that my HSV2 came equivocal because I was recently ( weeks ago), exposed to HSV 2 form my current girlfriend?

4-If I did not have HSV 2 before meeting my new girlfriend. How easy would have been to get infected with  HSV 2 if I had unprotected sex 3 days before her Outbreak?

6- Should I still think that in spite all this I may still not be infected with HSV 2 and my high HSV 1 and previous chicken pox  is altering the IGG HSV 2 test result making equivocal ?

7 how long should I wait to test again?

I would be very grateful for somebody to share his/her medical opinion with me.

Thank you so much for you time
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Neither of them are here on  medhelp any more. They have their own pay to post board elsewhere.

let's keep it all in your original post - thanks!!

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