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Do I have Herpes? And scared I infected my family!:(

On May 23 and I performed Oral on a guy.  On May 30 I had a really bad Headache. 4 days later I felt sick, itchy eyes, runny nose, had a sore throat and a really bad headache it continue. I also had a really bad pain on my left leg by the hamstrings it went away in minutes. On June 11 my lips were dry, face looked and felt dry. On June 13 I went to go get tested and the nurse prescribe Acyclovir to make me feel at ease but she said it didn't look like herpes. My results were 0.89 IgG. On July 12 I tested at a different center and my results were 0.90. It is now Aug 10 my eyes still burn and turn red, I feel tingling on my cheeks lips, my chapped lips wont heal they have a yellow crust that turn white slimmy when it gets wet then lips look slighty normal for a day then the yellow crust comes again.I've been seeing pimples and over my body especially face. I'm scared I infected my mom since she has itchy red eyes as well and sneezing, my sister had this circle scab like on her leg which she said it didn't hurt but was getting worse. I've been avoiding them as much as possible. Please Help! I feel like Dr.s don't know much about this.
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Nothing what you're describing sounds like herpes. At 7 weeks your igg test of 0.9 is negative and 70% of people would test positive at this point. Since you've not had any obvious outbreaks and negative test things are looking greatly in your favor. Personally i would not retest at this point but if it'll bring you ease of mind test again at week 12 for conclusive results. If concerned about your symptoms it could be something bacterial like pink eye. Honestly it could be 100 different things but herpes isn't likely one of them. I would see your doctor and do a battery of tests like Chlamydia gono and strep
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Thank you so much for responding! I have tested negative for  everything Chlamydia,Gono,Strep,Hiv and Syphilis. I recently had the Syphilis retaken  because I took the test on June 13 and it was at a 4 week post encounter and read online Syphilis takes 6 weeks. Do you think I'm testing 0.90 negative because i'm taking Acyclovir?  I'm scared to stop taking it and have a really bad OB.  I still feel tingling, crawling sensation on my face which causes me to itch... it comes and goes. My lips are still dry and discharge this yellow thing which crust sin June 13. I've been putting (First Aid Antibiotic Ointment ) but it turns them white. I don't understand why my HSV results are in the High Negative 0.89 and 0.90? I've seen other posts where people test 0.20- 0.70...I'm freaking out.:(
I can't say for certain if taking herpes suppressants would affect an igg test. However nothing you're describing sounds like herpes.  The yellow crusting could just be either the medication your taking and saliva. Having dry lips alone is not a symptom. It's summer time so that's expected. I would increase fluid intake. Crawling feelings are likely anxiety. I know it's hard to think these things aren't just a coincidence since to really are experiencing then but it's really crazy how much your senses are increased when your focusing on them. Your 0.9 is really nothing, in fact there are tests that don't show anything less than that number. Others having 0.2/0.7 is really misleading. Many doctors on here think they should get rid of the number system and simple state negative or positive. Which hsv are you more worried about 2 or 1? Because your risk for 1 is astronomically low and also you probably already have 1. Almost everyone does. If your worried about 2 this is also very low as it usually only affects the genitals. Why were you talking meds to begin with? Were they actually prescribed out of a drs concern or just something the doc gave you to calm you down? If the latter i would stop the meds and i know your worried about an ob happening, but i highly doubt you would and it's not healthy to just be taking meds for something you haven't been diagnosed with.
My lips are swollen red on both top and bottom but just the middle part and they feel numb now. When I leave them alone they look red raw-ish but ten they form a layer of crust that's yellow. When I moisturize them with ointment or Lip balm Aquaphor they turn White.That's been going on since June 13. Also my face has been dry and i've been seeing pimples or zits pop all over my body.When I take a shower my face turn white like dead skin and my lips as well since the yellow stuff turn white when it gets wet. I'm scared to have either Hsv1 or 2 because I think its in my eye...my eyes start to burn and turn red. The NP prescribe me the Acyclovir because I believe it helps calm down the eyes when they start burning.  She told me that if I feel the crawling /tingling sensation still... it wouldn't be herpes but i've been reading online that people have been feeling the same symptoms. I just don't understand how my lips have been like this for 2 1/2 months...I thought herpes would go away and then recur. I feel crawling sensation on my cheeks  and upper lips. I will be re-testing on Aug 30. It'll be 3 months from exposure and hopefully I will see a Dermatologist in 2 weeks if my insurance approves it.
Dry skin will cause zits and the white skin is a biproduct of dry skin. While tingling can be a symptom it would not be the only symptoms and highly unlikely with no obvious OB. Raw skin alone on your lips would not be considered an active OB. Red eyes can be from anything and herpes in the eye woke be pretty obvious and not just red and burning.  Seeing a dermatologist and your opthalmologist would be best for you at this point but i do believe you are overreacting to very mild symptoms.
I stopped taking the Acyclovir 1 day ago and it seems like the tingling sensation is diminution and it seems like the yellow stuff on lips is stopping. I still have dry skin and raw lips. though.  My eyes get red and then it goes away in an hour. I really hope I don't have hsv. but everything I have been reading online is exactly what I have.  Do you think the Acyclovir could be the cause for the tingling sensation?
By the way THANK YOU so much for responding and making me feel at ease. I don't have anybody to talk to about this. I feel Isolated and don't want to infect anyone as
I think I infected my family.:(
Red eyes coming and going throughout the day is not hsv guaranteed. And you almost certainly haven't infected your family. You sister's leg bump is 99.99999% chance is not hsv. Your symptoms sound more in line with allergies and dehydration. The thing to remember that symptoms of hsv are also common symptoms of other illnesses. Again raw red lips are not indicative of hsv. It's best you put these fears to bed. Oral sex is low risk but you can take igg tests now if you like but as i started earlier don't be surprised if you have hsv1 almost everyone does and it doesn't mean you got it from your last encounter. In fact without outbreaks it's pretty certain you didn't. I was diagnosed with hsv1 after having an OB out of seemingly no where. I had not kissed or had any sexual encounters but did have a lip injury which i think may have triggered the OB. It was definitely a shock to find out i had as i was not aware of the statistics surrounding the disease but i have learned that it's not something that occurs frequently and almost everyone suffers from it and that has brought me comfort that I'm not alone.
I have read that too that a lot of people have hsv1 but don't  know it.  Today Aug 13 I developed a small cut on my bottom lip while eating... it felt like my lip ripped. I hurt a lot...I don't know if it was because lips were dry or its hsv because i read that it could look like a cut. I also develop a bug bite like bump on my arm. I want to take Acyclovir again because I'm scared i'll have a bad outbreak but I fear that it'' affect my IGG results on the 30th.  I think I might have it:( And I'm so scared I infected my my family when I sneeze or touched something. I feel horrible!
Also is it possible to have both Hsv1&2 and have different outbreaks at different times for each one?
You're being very paranoid. You aren't a walking plague having herpes. A bump in your arm is not hsv. Herpes can present itself to look like a cut but that alone is not typically common. It's likely dry skin based off your other symptoms you've described. I've read on other forums taking the meds will likely not have an effect on your igg test, but you can always consult a Dr by calling in on an advice line. It is possible to have hsv1&2 and they present symptoms at different intervals
I think I might have both because when I went to test for both of them they were both 0.90  on July 12 which was 6 weeks post exposure.  That would also explain how I feel like i'm breaking out  by my lip getting red and tingling and slight sting but my eye won't get red or burn. And other times when my lip and cheeks start to tingling my eye get red and burns and feels like something is in but there's nothing there.  The reason I think it's hsv is because my lips don't look normal for almost 3 months now.... they're raw in the middle part of both lips and on the left side of the bottom lip is slight redder and that's where the small cut form. The small cut is now gone. I still feel slight tingling and sometimes sharp stings. I will be testing again in 15 days.
Symptoms would not last 3 months if it were herpes. Your igg test results are also very low, and you've had no typical visible OBs. Its best you wait to 12 week if you want to be certain. Also i checked up on the suppressant drugs on this forum. Almost every thread says the drugs would not affect your igg results.
I think you're neglecting the less than sign (<) in front of your indexes and just going by the number 0.9. I would bet tonnes of money that the results actually show <0.9 which means a clear negative. And not = 0.9
I  think I might have an OB on the bottom of my lip. Since my lips have been white when they get wet and peel I probably didn't notice but today I tried to moisturized my lips and at the bottom of my lip some of the white peeling skin didn't peel and it looks like  a white bubble. I don't know if it has liquid inside because its really white....It doesn't hurt I'm going to see if I can get a viral culture.
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My Update  10/19/18

6 weeks possible exposure
July 11
Hsv 1 - 0.90
Hsv 2 - 0.90

16 weeks possible exposure
Oct 10
Hsv 1 - 0.90
Hsv 2 - 0.90

I still have the same symptoms although they've been diminishing.
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