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Do I have a false positive ?

So I had a new sexual partner for a couple of weeks now, well maybe a month now. I decided to get a full STD checkup July 22,2020. Everything came back negative except for HSV-2. It says I tested positive with a 1.58. As you may already know I’ve been devastated, crying nonstop, every little tingle, any little itch I start freaking out. But I haven’t shown no symptoms whatsoever, no rash, no outbreaks, nothing! And my partner said he got tested and his doctor told him his results came back negative, but he was going to retest within another 3 months to make sure. Should I get retested ? Can this be a negative ?

My HSV-1 is <0.91 so does that mean anything ?
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I am sorry you’re going through this love.
But it sounds like a false positive! Anything below 3.00 is not considered positive according to Dr. Terri.
CDC doesn’t even recommend testing for HSV2 in absence of any lesions.

I am also a victim of a false positive. So I know your pain. But hang in there.

AuntJessie on this forum can reply to you on Monday with more details and provide you with resources.

If you retest- there is a chance for ANOTHER FALSE POSITIVE. Unfortunately!
You can order a kit called “ WesternBlot” it is the most accurate!

Keep me posted. You will be fine!

She was my lifesaver!
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Your numbers are in the low positive range that can often be a false positive.  Please don't freak out if you are determined to be hsv 2 positive.  It's not a death sentence.  Many and I mean MANY people live normal and happy lives with this.  It just means you need to be more careful at times.  They have excellent treatment for it these days including suppression therapy to keep you from having an outbreak.  And if you are positive and don't chose to do that, then you can have medicine you take as soon as you get the tingling or any other inkling you're going to have an outbreak to stop it.  What is your next step?  Agree that a test such as Western Blot would be good to confirm if it is a false positive or true positive.  
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