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Do I have genital herpes?

So my partner gets coldsores, anyway one night he went down on me with what we think was a coldsore, we weren't entirely sure.

Now a week after I had what looked like a mosquito bite on my vagina, not on the lips but close too. and I also was red raw for a couple of days.

Is that genital herpes, do I have genital herpes? how do I know?
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I suggest going into the hospital or making an appointment at your local doctors office. No one can be entirely sure unless a few tests have been taken.
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If you already have oral cold sores (HSV1) then you are not likely to receive a genital infection, hence no cause for concern if this is the case.

Next if you do not have HSV1 and were just infected, well you'd know it! You wouldn't be looking a single bite like sore that's for sure!
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