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Do I have herpes?

Okay, so I've had a lot of confusion going on in my life lately. One night, I ended up giving oral to someone but he said he was clean. This was like the last week of June. All of my three partners are apparently clean, but I have some type of virus. I'm not sure if it's mono or herpes. I went to get tested for both. With the general herpes test, they just told me they found IGg and IGm antibodies in my blood but they cannot tell if herpes is what I have, so I have to get retested in three months.

But, something is not right. Immediately, the next day, I had kind of a little bump in my mouth, but it was painless. It lasted for a couple days. Then, the third day (after my encounter) I felt like I had a lump in my throat. It wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable. I just had a lump feeling in my throat, swollen tonsils, and like pus on my tonsils...and that's about it. I went to go get tested late July for STDs, and thats when the whole idea of herpes came up. Before testing, I did feel tingling a couple times, but I never produced a blister.

Now, I have been feeling these tingling sensations all around my mouth. It's not in one spot, it's like all over the place but I have not gotten any blisters. It's annoying and scares me. I literally never get blisters but I keep getting these tingling feelings. Right now I feel it on my upper lip on the left and the part between the bottom lip and chin. And then NOW I feel it on the upper left side and I no longer feel it on my chin. Like wtf is going on. Has this ever happened to someone. Also, these feelings have been happening off and on for a few weeks, and I've never gotten blisters.

I haven't called about the mono test because I'm scared that I could really have herpes and I don't want to call and the test come back negative and I start stressing again. I just started my first year of college and have enough stress already. I thought of mono cause turns out me and my best friend drank after each other a few times that night and she had mono, and just didn't know. Also, my primary care doctor didn't think it was herpes and said my throat was fine, because everything i've been feeling has mostly been my throat. and my tonsils and lymph nodes have been swollen for over a month now, and have not gone down. but she says they're okay and aren't signs of herpes so i'm lost
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