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Do i have herpes

Hello doctors, I had unprotected sex with a woman 60 days back. I did herpes simples virus test (1+2) IgG and IgM antibodies panel. On 30 days the value for both IgG was 0.83  and IgM was 0.5.
On 60 th day, I again took the test and the values were as follows:
Herpes Simplex virus 1+2 , IgG is 0.91
Herpes Simplex virus 1+2 , IgM is 0.51

am i herpes positive?
Please help me?
Do i need further test?
Also please help regarding these two test which I have taken and window period for herpes?
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The IgM is a worthless test, and shouldn't have been done on you. It's designed to look for new infections - within a few weeks, but is often false - positive when it shouldn't be, and negative when it shouldn't be. Ignore that you had it done.

Your IgG is technically equivocal/indeterminate, but it doesn't mean much since it's not type specific. You need to have a type specific IgG blood test done.

At 6 weeks, 70% of people will develop antibodies, and therefore will test positive on the hsv2 test.

You could have hsv1 orally (think cold sores) - about half the adult population does and most don't ever get symptoms - and that could be tripping up your test.

Did you get this test from your doctor? Ask for a type specific IgG test. You don't need an IgM test.

If you got this from a site that does home testing, make sure they offer type specific testing, or find another site.
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If IgG test is not type specific then what is the meaning of 0.91 value.
Could you please explain what this value suggest.
Will i return positive as I m already on borderline?
It means you are indeterminate for type 1 OR type 2 OR both. If you have an existing hsv1 infection, it could be from that. That's why you need a type specific test.

Officially, this is an indeterminate result, but it's very low, and most experts, including the CDC, say that anything between a 1.1 and a 3.5 needs to be confirmed because it could be a false positive.

Don't worry yet - just get a type specific test. If you are positive, chances are much better that it's a pre-existing oral hsv1 infection than a new hsv2 infection.
I read in internet that herpes outbreak takes 2-12 days to appear. Can it apear on 9th week as well?
And do the lession appear only on mouth and genitals or it can be on whole body?
I didnt have any outbreak on 2-12 days which on internet they are calling as incubation period so i m confused.
OK, so the incubation period - which is the time from infection to the time you see symptoms - for herpes is typically 2-20 days, with an average of 4 days. Some people don't ever get symptoms, especially for oral hsv1, and some may not get symptoms until years later. For hsv2 genitally, though, most people will get symptoms within that 2-20 day period.

Herpes infects nerve groups. Oral herpes infects the trigeminal nerve, which means that your symptoms will only appear in the mouth or nose area, and maybe the eye. (Ocular herpes is uncommon.) Genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia, and this means that you will only see symptoms in the area covered by boxer shorts. Most often, this happens on mucous membranes - the mouth, nose, and the thinner, moister skin of the genital and anal area.

You had a one time encounter with a woman who's herpes status you don't know. Chances are really good that you didn't get it.
Ok i will be going for the tests tomorrow. Does equivocal means someone is seroconverting and becoming positive?
Do people turn positive from equivocal?
Looks like i tested too early at 8 weeks and 2 days
Not necessarily too early - 70% will test positive by 6 weeks.

Some people to turn positive from equivocal. Some stay equivocal, and decide to get further confirmatory testing. If you decide to test more, and with no symptoms, I don't see any need for you, please understand that you have a decent chance of getting a false positive. This happens when your result is below 3.5 and needs to be confirmed with a Western Blot test or a BioKit.

Just prepare yourself for the possibility. If you test tomorrow, make sure it's a type specific IgG test, or it's a waste of your time and money.
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