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Do i really have herpes ?

This is going to sound strange but I am really confused and feel that I could use some guidance. I had unplanned unprotected vaginal sex with an individual that claimed to be clean. But of course you can’t trust anyone these days. This encounter happened once which according to medical specialists is considered a low risk for Herpes. However I noticed a strange bump near my anus that appeared about a month after the interaction. I didn’t have it tested until about 4 days after it appeared. Originally at the clinic they hesitated to test me for Herpes which I found strange. They said it didn’t look like herpes. It was a single bump, I had not experienced any of the typical symptoms you find online so to me it too appeared strange. It was not itchy either. I also thought it could have been caused by straining too when using the bathroom. But I insisted on having it swabbed. A week later they said it was positive for herpes, which left me shocked because I thought my interaction was considered low risk for herpes. At the clinic they tried to convince me that I must have gotten it from a long term partner I had before the one time interaction. But I am still confused since it’s only one bump and it’s near my anus. I only have vaginal sex with this individual. Also the longer term partner from before is negative. I was not convinced and I visited another clinic and this time because the bump had disappeared, I could only get a blood test for herpes, which i took two blood test two weeks apart because I am still not trusting these results. First one tested positive for HSV2 22.00 and the second one tested positive again for HSV 2 18.00. But to be honest I do not trust the test because herpes blood test seem unreliable in general. Why would one say 22.00 another 18.00 ?? Then why is it I did not have a ton of itching or multiple bumps ? Or why isn’t that it doesn’t burn when I pee or if pee on it since it’s kinda between my virgina and my anus ?? Why did it take over a month to appear from the time of the interaction? It’s not that I don’t want accept my results but it just isn’t making much sense to me. Could it be something else ??
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A swab test, pcr test or a culture,  if positive is conclusive. You also have a very high positive IgG test. You can safely assume you are positive for hsv2. The infection can present in many forms. Many (most?) people don't experience severe symptoms and mistake their symptoms for something else. You very well may have been infected for a lot longer than a month.
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Based on my high IgG levels is it possible that I had gotton infected a long time ago and never had an out break until now. Or could that one interaction could have gotten me infected.
Since I had that first bump two months later the bump re appeared again but this time it was very small and it healed in about three days. But now I am worried that this is going to be a re occurring thing. I am on no medication. However I don’t want to give it to anyone else.
I am really disappointed that if I had this for a while that my doctors did not include a herpes test into my std regular testing. It appears to me that doctors do not like testing for this. My doctor told me that he will not include this kinda test unless there are symptoms present because he finds that it affects people’s mental health for something that almost everyone has and not everyone may experience systoms, and he told me not to worry no big deal.
It's impossible for me to say how long you have had it, but the index levels from your test are quite high, so I would assume  you've been infected for some time.

You should inform any and all new partners of your status. They have a right to know and you have a moral and ethical responsibility to do so.

If you randomly sample the adult population, you can safely assume at least 50 percent of them will be infected with hsv1 and approximately 20 percent will be infected with hsv2. Those number will rise with the average age of the sample.
I will inform any future partners because I am honest but let’s face it not everyone is and it’s pretty messed up that I got it because someone didn’t tell the truth or because doctors don’t like testing for this unless the person has symptoms. Like I mention in my previous reply, if I didn’t insist on testing I too would have not known I had it because they didn’t want me to test for it. Also like everyone to know this because it shows how messed up this whole situation is, my doctor told me that although my blood test was positive it doesn’t mean I actually have it and that I shouldn’t worry about it all since these IgG test are not reliable and I may not even have it. So there!! I only mention this because this is why more people are getting it because of information like this. The doctor also told be there are no relaible herpes test other than the western blot test which he mention that he didn’t not have available and that testing for herpes only causes unessary mental  anguish  For something that you may or may not cause any symptoms.
Also want to add that swan test are not 100% always reliable either. Individuals like to say that they are more likely to give you a false negative than a false positive but it does happen. That statement says it all!! “More Likey to give you a false negative than a false positive “ that doesn’t sound like it’s ruling out a false positive.
* correction- Swab Test
Also want to add that my doctor also mentioned that if you are positive for HVS1 that it can cause HVS2 to be positive on IgG test
You have a positive swab test, which trumps all other tests. You can believe the swab test. In addition, cross reactivity can cause an IgG test to be falsely positive, but not with an index level of 18. You definitely are infected with hsv2.
When they say you are at "low risk" for contracting herpes from a brief one time encounter, it DOES NOT mean NO RISK.  Why would you not believe tests that are conclusive?  Pay attention and stop letting your opinion get in the way of the facts.
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Hi I am curious how big was the bumb and did it have any. Fliud In it ?
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It’s about 1 centimeter, it wasn’t liquid filled it looks like an anal fissure.
Also it’s lightly red like blood, it looks like a small cut.
I read your post and I like to comment. I honestly do not think you have herpes based on you mentioning you had protected sex with a condom. You are most likey fine. However if this was herpes why would you ever want to know ? Do not test for herpes, more than half of the population has it and to be honest when I asked to be tested they didn’t even want to test me, my doctor advise against it. Because in the end it doesn’t matter, everyone has it. It s just not everyone experiences symptoms. Knowing isn’t going to help you or anyone else knowing. This is why doctor was against testing. You are going to feel bad about something that everyone has just because now you know. And every you tell will know too. Test for everything else but not for herpes. It’s a waste of time for no reason. I can honestly tell you it has not helped me at all knowing something I can’t change. By the way I visited another doctor and the first thing they mention was oh I see you tested positive for herpes !! Oh my, I got treated less than human for no reason. For what a stupid lesion on my anus that no one can see. That sucks !! Save yourself the headache obviously the medical community doesn’t care about herpes that is why they don’t care about testing for it ! But once your label you will he label for life
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