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Does Herpes cause foot pain?

Hi.  Over the last year and a half I've had sex with 3 CSWs. They were all protected encounters but I did get the anxiety and the tingling but reading this board helped me thru a lot of that.  Anyway not long after my last one which was Memorial Day weekend  both of my feet starting hurting while wearing shoes. My chiropractor thinks my sacral nerve is pinched and that's right where i thought i read the hsv virus hangs out.  I've been tested for the usual stds all negative  but not hsv because it's not in the regular test panel i found out after.  Could this foot pain be caused by hsv2? Thanks in advance.
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Hi no hsv2 doesnot cause pain like your describing. Extended nerve pain caused by the herpes virus when it does occur is most often from  herpes zoster also called shingles but even with that is rare to have foot nerve damage.
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Thank you for responding. I had my feet x-rayed by a Podiatrist  and they looked normal. My concern was if hsv2 hangs out on the sacral nerve could the nerve be damaged causing the foot pain? I've been trying to whittle down what it could be and it's been frustrating. Thanks again!
again as mentioned its most with zoster not hsv
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