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Does this look like H? 2 weeks and it appears to be getting worse.


I have been dealing with this strange rash around my perineum and anus for the past 2 weeks.  I am on 3 different antibiotics including IV Rocephin for the treatment of chronic lyme disease.  Basically my body is going rogue on me and this is just the latest chapter in a 2 year battle.  
This rash is bilateral as you can see.  It doesn't really itch for the most part and it does not ooze.  It is scaring the sh - t out of me.  You will need to cut and paste this into your URL.  Thank you.  It's pretty graphic.

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Here is the link.
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Yes. Herpes gladiatorium. Rash herpes. I got that for the first time now. Just got diagnosed having herpes.
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Sorry, just saw your reply.  How did they diagnose you with Herpes G?  Did they do a swab?
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