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Does this sound like herpes? Burning legs and sore urethra.

I paid hooker to receive Oral sex with a condom on a few weeks ago.

Tingling at tip of the penis day 2

Day 5 or 6 still tingling tip of penis. Kind of a cold sensation burning. Not too bad.

Day 10 burning thighs sensation and groin area and buttocks right down to knees. Penis tip still tingling. Also burning perineum.

Day 10 -20. Same symptoms as above. Penis tingles a bit after urinating. Nothing major.

Day 20 penis tip bit burning feeling especially few seconds after urinating. Not too bad.

Day 20-27 still burning sensation on and off around legs and groin area. Penis more sore after urinating not during. Now day 27-30 feels like constant bit of burning  around urethra, especially after urinating. Bit sore. Feels like some urine stuck in urethra after every time I go to the toilet.

Never had any signs of lesions or blisters.

Had urine test for other stds twice. And all clear.

Does  this sound like herpes?

Could I have it in urethra?

I have had mild burning in legs and buttocks for 3 weeks. Would that be normal with herpes? Thought I would have an outbreak after those symptoms. But no. Few small pimples here and there. But nothing that looks like herpes?

Could herpes in urethra cause burning around legs, perineum and buttocks?

Could i get herpes in urethra if i had a condom on? Sorry for all the questions. Bit anxious.
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So first, no this doesn't sound like herpes. You wouldn't have all these symptoms for so long without having any blisters.

Herpes infects nerve groups, and genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia. This means you can get outbreaks anywhere in the boxer shorts area. You could get outbreaks in the urethra if you wore a condom, but I'm told that is PAINFUL.

Your symptoms sound more like prostatitis. Have they done a urine test where they look for white blood cells in your urine? Have they talked about a prostate exam?

You don't mention your age, which is fine and you don't need to, but men of any age can get prostatitis. It can be bacterial, sometimes from an STD, or not. The older you are the better your chances of things like BPH.

It could also be a hyper-awareness of your body if you are feeling anxious about this for any reason.
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Thanks. Yes I think so , I had 2 urine test and all cane back clear. The doc said there is no sign of any infection. That’s what makes me more worried it’s herpes. Because it’s viral?

They haven’t talked about prostrate exam.

How accurate are blood tests if I get tested for herpes.

I understand anxiety and stress can cause issues, and I definitely have these. But the burning thighs and buttocks and  burning after urinating feel very real.

I am 35 btw.
If you had a herpes outbreak in your urethra, you'd probably still have increased white blood cells because of the inflammation, even though it's not bacterial.

The type specific IgG test is pretty good. You may already have hsv1 and not know it. If you test positive now, you won't know if it's a pre-existing oral infection, like about half of all adults, or if it's new. If it's negative, you can move on.

I'd investigate the prostate and maybe a pinched nerve or something first. Make sure you are hydrated. Lay off the caffeine and alcohol, and drink plenty of water.

You had condom protected oral sex. Your chances of this being herpes are so very, very low. Focus on other causes first.
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