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Dry Lips, Upper Lip Tingling for 4 months but No Cold Sore.. Can it be Herpes?

So it's been 4 months since my last encounter and it's been a journey. I've have acne and boils appear all over my body through out this whole process. My lips have been tingling since June 12th 2018, although the tingling has diminished a bit I feel it but no cold sore has appear. Can Hsv1 or Hsv2 Prodromal tingling last for 4 months?Is that normal? I also notice red dot in the middle of the upper lip it's been there for 2 weeks. I will be Testing on OCT 1st.
My last test was Hsv1 and Hsv2 0.90 that was 6 weeks post exposure but I was also taking Acyclovir and I read it can interfere with test. I stopped taking acyclovir on Aug 12.
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I have the same symptoms as you. I get tingling lips and dry lips with no cold sore appearing. Have had it since late May. it comes and goes, and now just recently have tingling and burning sensation on my tongue especially the tip of my tongue. I dont know if it is herpes causing this as my doctor wont swab the affected area as there are no visible signs of cold sores. it is so frustrating that I always am careful when I eat or drink that a family wont take a bite or zip of what I have and I am afraid to kiss my S/O. it is so frustrating.
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I have the same thing. I’m lips have felt funny since June been to 4 doctors and they don’t see anything. I check my mouth all day and I check my lower half 3-4 times because I feel like I’m always having a breakout and I never see anything. I take so many vitamins and Llysine Acyclovir docycline nothing helps. I have contain pain in my right groin they keep telling me it’s nothing. I put stuff on my lips 20 times a day. I have herpes 1 in gential area. I had one bump in the anus area and didn’t even know it and was so surprised to find out I had this terrible virus. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone it’s destroy my life. I work is affected and my home life is never going to be the same. I worry terrible everyday that I’m going to give it to my BF I don’t sleep. I also find it very confusion to understand all of it. I’m don’t even know if I can get in my mouth or just down below will he get in what place. I’m always staring at him to see if he has anything. This is so over welling.
Justdontkow - have you had a blood test yet? Herpes wouldn't cause these endless symptoms with no outbreaks. Perhaps you are having an allergic reaction to something you are eating or drinking. Tracking it would help. Pay attention to what you eat and drink when you start getting these symptoms, and google oral allergy syndrome.
sun24 - ghsv1 is not the big deal you are making it. Most people have infrequent outbreaks, and some only get one outbreak ever. Is it possible you got this from your bf? If he performs oral sex on you, and you were together when you got it, it's possible he's your source. Has he been tested? If he already has it, he can't get it again.

Why are you on doxycylcine? Is that for the boils? You don't say where you have those, and if they are actually all over your body, but google hidradenitits suppurativa. See if that fits. If it does, let me know.

I'd also suggest that you do something to RELAX. You are catastrophizing this, and you really, really don't need to. The vast majority of people have hsv1, and live completely normal lives. You just need some education and information.
auntiejesse- yes I got iGg specific blood tests done. I had the following results:

Possible exposure: March 20, 2018
1st test: May 10
Igg HSV1 - 55
Igg HSV2- 2.65

2nd Test: June 8
Igg HSV2- 2.78

3rd test: Sept. 20
Igg HSV2- 1.45
with Supplemental Test: Positive

the strange thing is my Igg level went down but also this new LabCorp test has a new supplemental test that says positive and dont even know what they measured.

forgot to add I had Hsv1 since a young adult, every year same spot and always in winter time  so I know when I have a cold sore. Somehow I dont think it is my HSv1 but it could be something else or even Hsv2. Also i have been checking what I eat to see if i can find a pattern or possible allergy. but so far found no correlation. the only i do know is when I have the burning sensation I sometimes get white stuff on my lips, could it be a yeast infection? I dont know as the doc wont swab.
@jdontknow  I also get white googy stuff on my lips  in the morning and my lips are dried. :( However I tested on July 11 and my results were

6 weeks possible exposure
July 11
Hsv 1 - 0.90
Hsv 2 - 0.90

16 weeks possible exposure
Oct 10
Hsv 1 - 0.90
Hsv 2 - 0.90

I still have the same symptoms although they've been diminishing.

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