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Early genital herpes signs?

Hi I have been browsing through the internet for early herpes signs on the genital and all I get is conflicting results. I do hope I a not offending anyone with this question.

Do blisters always form up when you have a herpes outbreak? Yesterday I noticed red patch on my left inner thigh near the scrotum. I had some itching the day before, applied Canestan ( I had fungus problems in the past on the same area) and the next day I woke up with a little discomfort and little burns when I touch the red patch. Today it's still albeit a bit better but Sudocrem is helping a lot.

I am asking because I had protected sex a month ago and the red patch, apart from the little burning sensation, also had some small red dots like very tiny open sores. I checked the area when I had itching and after I applied Canestan and never saw any blisters yet.

Can herpes outbreak be without blisters?

Edit - I feel no pain whatsoever.
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You would probably have blisters by now, and a red patch isn't likely to be herpes.

What you have sounds like a fungus.

Does your Canestan say Canestan HC or just Canestan? If it's HC, that means it's hydrocortisone, which is a steroid, and herpes doesn't respond well at all to steroids. It would likely make it much worse.

Is this from when you received protected oral? The chances of you getting anything from that are extremely low.

Canestan is good for yeast, but might not be good for other fugal infections. If it doesn't improve in a day or two, see your doctor.
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The Canesten I have has Clotrimazole written on it underneath Antifungal Cream title.
I have to say that I had very little issues with this red match. More like none at all. I only noticed due to checking up the area in the morning and noticed the redness. The only 'burn' I felt was by touching it. I applied sudocrem immediately and had no issues afterwards. Still healing but no trouble. It is exactly in the area where skin folds inwards between inner thigh and scrot sack.
Okay, that's not a steroid then.

This really could just be irritation and nothing else. Just keep an eye on it, and it if it doesn't go away, or gets worse, get it checked out. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Thanks for your comment. Is it true that herpes can manifest without forming blisters or is it case by case basis?
You can have herpes and be asymptomatic, meaning you wouldn't have symptoms. You can also have really mild symptoms, but if you have symptoms, you'll have either blisters (most common) or paper-cut like sores.

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