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Extensive outbreak, could this be herpes?

My partner is experiencing an extensive outbreak. She has patches of blister like lesions in numerous places around her left thigh. There is a patch on her lower back, one on the inner part of her thigh and a large patch on the outer most point of her hip, along with multiple small patches. The larger patch is about the size of a tennis ball in diameter. Two of the patches are about the size of a quarter and then multiple the size of a dime. The lesions of the rash are blistering and the surrounding area is red and inflamed. She has had extreme pain in her hip joint for about a week and the rash started forming about 5 days ago. There have been no other sexual partners for years. I have not presented with any similar symptoms prior nor has she. We have also not been sexually active for 4 months due to some hormonal complications resulting from some attempted fertility treatments. Is this shingles could it be a delayed herpes outbreak? Is it normal to have such a massive first outbreak? Is it common for it to be delayed like this? I have no suspicion of infidelity.
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Have you called her doctor?  That would be the best decision
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Yes, we are going in today.
What did the doctor say? That would be a really unusual herpes outbreak. Even for a first one, having one the size of a tennis ball is huge.
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