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False positive HSV-2?

I first developed oral cold sores about 20 years ago, and therefore am aware that I am HSV-1 positive.  About 3 weeks ago, I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a man 3 times, and 9 days later he called me to tell me that he developed some uncomfortable lesions on his penis about 8 days after our last sexual contact.  He said the lesions were swabbed by a physician and the culture results came back positive for HSV-2.  This person says that he has never had any recognized signs or symptoms of an STD until now.

I also have never been aware of signs or symptoms of an STD in myself, but I was tested for HSV1/2 IgG and IgM antibodies last week at LabQuest (16 days after the unprotected sex).

My lab results, which I received over the phone from a live person, were:
HSV-1 IgG 36.8 ( seems extremely high: maybe I misunderstood and it's actually 3.68?)
HSV-2. IgG 2.04
IgM 1.25

Could this represent a false positive HSV-2 antibody in my lab tests?
How long should I wait to repeat the test?
Is there another confirmatory test you would recommend?
Thank you for your time and consideration
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Thank you very much for your expertise.
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You need to investigate all possibilities.

The most likely outcome is that he has genital HSV1 and you had a false positive HSV2 blood test. However the other possibilities exist and need to be eliminated (or confirmed).
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Thank you for your response...

Yes, I did give him oral sex.   I wasn't aware that HSV-1 genital herpes can be spread via oral-genital until I began researching information a couple of weeks ago.  I will ask him to confirm the result type.

Is it likely that he contracted HSV-1 genital herpes from me, and that my HSV-2 is a false positive,?

Is there a direct correlation between HSV-1 IgG titer values and the likelihood of a HSV-2 false positive?   (My HSV-1 IgG titer was 36.8)
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First, did you give this partner oral sex? if so, then have him thoroughly check out that he has been diagnosed with HSV2 compared to an assumption been made given the genital location.

It does sound like he was infected by you.

your HSV2 level is clearly in the false positive range and needs confirmation. The best confirmation is the Westernblot test offered by UofW, have a look at their website.
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