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First possible HSV 2 breakout

I have not been tested and can't think of any events in the past month that were risky for HSV 2.  10 days prior to "sore" I received unprotected oral.  I have HSV 1 or assume that is what has caused my fever blisters for years.  I noticed a very small 1/4 inch like tear in foreskin.  No pain, oozing or any appearance like the sores I get on my lips. The night before there was some drunken masturbation.  3 days later it is healed only leaving a slight pink line like any other healed cut.  I do inspect frequently so I am fairly certain the sore had not been there the day before.  I read the Herpes Handbook and it said that having HSV 1 could limit the initial outbreak of HSV 2.  2 weeks prior I had just recovered from a small fever blister which I take meds for at the first sign of an outbreak.  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated
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the activities  you describe are incredibly low risk. Really, no risk at all. You have an hsv1 oral infection which means the odds of getting it on your genitals is extremely unlikely. So unlikely I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Masturbation is zero risk. The odds your partner had an hsv2 oral infection are astronomically low and even lower that it spread to you. Oral hsv2 sheds very little.
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