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Flu like symptoms...?

Im a 24 y/o male in the caribbean for medical school. Im sexually active with multiple partners. I recently had unprotected sex. 24 hours later i woke up with a sore throat and a slight fever. I'd like to note that on the saturday of having sex I only slept 2 hours followed by a day of extensive studying. I also noticed some bumps at the bottom of the shaft of my penis, although I'm not sure if those were there before due to me shaving that area. Those bumps are now gone (only 3 days later with no scarring, they never surfaced as pimples but instead like shaving bumps.) Today (4 days after having sex) I had a single pimple on the shaft of my penis, it was not painful and popped just by touching it and it was not clustered. I have no pain while urinating or ejaculating. I looked up the symptoms and I am worried about possibly contracting herpes due to me coming down with "flu-like" symptoms just 24 hours after unprotected sex. Question 1, is it possible to get bumps and other symptoms that soon after having sex? Question 2, how soon can I be tested? I appreciate all and any answers as this worry has consumed the past 4 days of my life. Im not sure what made me look up symptoms but i thought my random illness was strange and now i am unable to focus on much else except figuring out if i have contracted something. thank you.  
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Hi and welcome. Herpes symptoms take at least 3 days post exposure to appear. Your 24 hour later symtpoms are not related to herpes.
You can test at 8 weeks as an indicator or 3 months for conclusive
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In addition, initial herpes rarely if ever causes "flu like" symptoms alone. Painful blisters and sores almost always occur first. And as Life360 says, they don't start earlier than 2-3 days after exposure. Sounds like you caught a cold, nothing more.
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