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Follow-up questions on persistent lingering bumps and swab test

Refer to Scaredy2018 post initially answered by TooHip1973 yesterday.

1) So the symptoms Ive been having have kinda been ongoing for the past 3 weeks, with new little bumps showing up at various times.  Like at first it was a couple on my thigh, then a few on my pubic area the next week, then 3 bumps on my shaft next,  then a few more this past week on my butt and pubic areas again.

If this were an GHSV breakout would the bumps, etc jump around from week to week and last for 3+ weeks (all while on 1Gram/day valtrex) or would expect the bumps to come and go generally at the same time?

2) Regarding swab tests, assuming my friends test detected virus and was then typed correctly (which is what I’m being told), how certain is it that one could count on the HSV1 result?  Do they sometimes detect virus and miss the typing? Or is it such that if virus is detected and typing is performed- that it’s reliable?

Also- can you also get bumps on your chest /arms?

I very much appreciate your help!
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I may have done something wrong.....is there anyway I could get someone to answer these questions?
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I think her swab was properly typed. Sure mistyping can happen but swabs are as accurate as they can get and if you performed oral sex on her, then I would be confident her swab is correct and it’s HSV1 and NOT HSV2.
If you have bumps that concern you, then getting to an urgent care or doc when they appear and having them swab tested would give you some clarity. I understand your fear of going off antivirals but for a blood test, you would want to do that for accuracy as antivirals suppress antibodies that are needed for the test to pick up. I don’t think what you have going on is HSV2 related but I think the only way you’ll believe it is to swab the sores you have or blood test:
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