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Further testing for HSV 1?


I'm a 25 yo male and tested positive for genital HSV 1 5 months ago after receiving oral sex. My partner didn't have cold sore at the time we had oral sex and the only symptoms I developed afterwards were urinal tract infection with no sores on penis and common cold symptoms.

I went to the doctor's and he told me it looked just like a normal UTI but he did swab inside my urinal to get tested. He prescribed me some antibiotics and two days after I had it my symptoms started to disappear.

One week later the doctor called me and said hsv 1 was detected from the swab test.

I have read that almost all that are infected with genital herpes will develop sores and lesions if there are symptoms but I didn't and my partner did not have a cold sore at the time. I know that maybe my partner was shedding the virus but do you think It would be a false positive and if I need further testing to confirm hsv 1 infection?

If further testing is not needed, since I didn't even develop sores in the initial outbreak, will I never develop sores if outbreaks occur in the future? Given that OBs are going to be milder than the initial outbreak

Thanks for your input.
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Has your partner ever been tested for hsv1?
It is true most folks will have lesions with a primary outbreak.
That is to say if this was a primary outbreak. You may have had a UTI and been shedding at the same time. If you did have lesions in the urethra it would be extremely painful.
Swab tests are very accurate when they detect the virus and false positives are rare.
You could also have an igg blood test for hsv1. If positive it confirms your genital hsv infection. Now the good news is hsv1 of the genitals has few outbreaks and you may never experience another. It also sheds far less Than hsv2 and isn't very potent when it does. It would be unlikely you would ever pass this to any future partners through vaginal sex. Most adults have hsv1 in the former of an oral infection so you absolutely won't pass it to anyone that has ever had cold sores. The social stigma over hsv is way over dramatic. You may have had this for longer than you think and it really is not a big deal at all. I for one would rather have my partner have hsv1 on the genitals than an oral infection any day.
I hope this helps a little as your symptoms are not typical of most hsv1 primary outbreaks.
Btw the doctor didn't see any lesion or sores in the urinal tract when he swabbed. I will get a igg test. Thanks again
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Thanks a lot for your comments and you really gave me peace in mind. I'll do a blood test to confirm it.
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I'm glad I could help. Please keep me posted on your results.
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