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Genital HSV-1??

So the last day or 2 I've had this irritating itching are my labia and "entrance", it's on both sides but more so on my left.

I've looked at there doesn't seem to be any lessons or blisters. It's not even unusually red, maybe slightly from itching.

The area itself is not sore. But can be a little painful when peeing due to the urine going over the area.

This has happened before, a couple times and it seems to be when my period is about to start.

Ive been with the same partner for 6 years. I get oral heroes, hsv-1, and am aware you can spread it to different areas of the body yourself.

What are the chances I've unintentionally given myself genital hsv-1??
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Sorry for the spelling, I'm doing this on my phone!
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It is possible if you look at what webmd says about transmission. The only way to really know is to have the doctor check.
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If you have oral hsv, the chance of getting the same strain (hsv1) in a new location is slim to none. Shortly after infection, about 6 months, the body builds antibodies to protect from getting the same strain in a new location.
You should go have the area looked at by a doctor. If this has happened before, it would be smart to discuss this with your doc and let them do the proper testing.
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