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Genital Herpes 2 years 28 Years old

I had no idea this thing existed until I moved into a big city and start playing with girls. Not sure from where I got it as I had sex with multiple girls. One time I had an oral from a hooker so this is where I put my speculations. But of course unsure.

Thing is that after some days I got a small bump at the left area of the penis. I didn't had a clue about herpes so the whole things spend. After sometime I was too shy to go to any doctor for checkup. Around 2 years passed since I got it and now I am treating it in a male clinic with no results what so ever.

Will this thing ever go away or should I been thinking ways to remove my life?
It's really embarrassing and unfair - to be honest.
I feel useless to all woman and feel like I cannot touch them as I am contaminated.
Some times I wonder how much worse life can even get?
And all this at the peak of my age. The best years of my life.
God made this world for people to enjoy sex and who ever has this thing is his JOB to let people know.
I was just seeking pleasure. Why we have to pay so much as humans and be constantly chased by bad luck? By we I mean I.

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There is something else I would like to add. Please stop talking about taking your life. This is the second thread in a short time that mentions such an act.  If you do indeed have herpes it's not as big a deal as you make it sound. Many many many people have it and while it's not ideal it is not something that should stop you from anyrhing in life. That includes dating and sex. You are not useless to women and believe me many women with hsv feel the same way. You are not alone by any stretch and after two years this should have started to sink in.
I will leave the God stuff alone but next time you think of how unfair this all is go to a childrens cancer hospital or ward. Food for thought.
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I'm sorry but I have no idea what your trying to say.  Were you diagnosed and if so how exactly?
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