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Genital Herpes Exposure

Last night I had a sexual encounter with a sex worker. I received oral and vaginal (both protected) which both lasted 2 minutes each. I'm not worried about oral but more worried about the vaginal protected. Although I wore a condom the entire time, she was on top of me which meant that there was repeated contact between my groin and her groin/vagina which the condom obviously didnt cover. My penis was fully covered though. During this time I did have a pre-existing pimple/whitehead on my groin (acne) which was not an open sore, but did repeatedly touch her vagina during the intercourse. The intercourse lasted for around 2 minutes and after it was over I saw some fluid on my groin area and on the pre-existing acne. I think this fluid may have been some lube she used although Im not sure if i can rule out if it was her vaginal secretion. I'd just like to find out what my chances are of contracting genital herpes in this situation. She did not have any sores/blisters on her vagina or around it. Is there a chance that the thin skin covering my acne spot made it easier to contract herpes with repeated touching/fleeting contact to her?
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I’m in a similar situation. Fully protected for both as well. I’ve had some tingling/coolness on penis followed by multiple red bumps, no blisters, that then went away. Although I did take Valtrex prior to the “symptoms” so still not sure if that’s what lessoned the symptoms. Again, I’m assuming it’s HSV2 but not confirmed yet. I have a post on here as well and will follow up with more info as it progresses.

Hopefully, it’s not HSV2 for you. Just commenting to let you know you’re not alone. Here’s to hope…
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Herpes isn't transmitted by the fluids, but by the virus on the skin.

Getting herpes from a one-time protected encounter is very unlikely. It's not impossible, but very unlikely. You can get genital herpes type 1 if your partner has oral hsv1 (think cold sores) and you don't already have that, or genital hsv2 from the penis in vagina sex.

Either way, since you used a condom for everything, I honestly wouldn't worry. The chances are very low if she had no sores present.
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Ive read that herpes cant really pass through thick skin, such as on the scrotum or groin. However my acne spot on my groin would have created an area of think skin from which hsv can pass through right? Would this have increased the risk, since this small area came into contact with her genitals (although they did not have active cold sores)?
Was it broken skin? If your skin was intact, it wouldn't have.

You're correct that the virus can't pass through the thicker skin. Honestly, the risk here is very low, and I wouldn't spend any time worrying about this. You don't even know if she has herpes.
there was no broken skin, but as usually with acne, it had formed a slight whitehead, so im just wondering about the white head area which came into contact with the fluid
It should be fine.

You would have to assume that she has herpes, and that you had sex sex with her on a day/time that she was shedding the virus, and that she was shedding on the spot that you had the pimple, shedding enough to transmit (and we don't know how much that takes), and that the pimple made the skin thinner.

That's a lot of ifs. I wouldn't worry about it.
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