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Genital Herpes without Penetration


I had sexual contact with a massage palor without penetration. I put my penis on her butt crack for one minute and didn't put my penis directly on her vulva.  I believe that my penis touched the area where her private hair starts. I touched her tigh, groin, and her critoris and touched my penis after that. I heard that genital herpes can occur by skin to skin.  I am so afraid of getting it. After one day of the event, my groin muscle got hurt and had a heavy feeling on that. I had muscle pain on my butt and tigh too.  What would be the probability of getting genital herpes?  Thank you for your support!
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Hi, what your describing with the penis on the butt is not any real risk for contracting herpes and the hand to genital is not any realistic risk either.
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Thank you for answering my question. However, are you sure that there is no real risk? How do you know that? and why do I have pain in my groin and tigh?  I am sorry for being rude to you. But I want to make sure that what you are saying is correct. Thank you for your support!
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