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Genital herpes question

I received unprotected oral sex from another gay male almost 2 weeks ago. A week after exposure I noticed two tiny bumps, one on the head of penis and the other on foreskin. There is no pain associated with it even when urinating and masturbating. I’ve been monitoring for 6 days now and I don’t see any changes. Can this be genital herpes or some other std?
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If it was herpes, it would be blisters or paper-cut like sores, and I'd expect there to be pain.

Two tiny bumps don't sound like that. Are they on the skin or under the skin? On the skin could be genital warts, skin tags, just normal skin variations, or a host of other things. Under the skin isn't usually an STD.

You should let your doctor see them to determine for sure what they are. If it's genital warts, it's not likely to be from this oral encounter, as the incubation period (time from infection to symptoms) can be months long.
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I figured if it were herpes there would for sure be pain too. They are under the skin. I have  to pull the foreskin back in order to see the bumps but wouldn’t notice otherwise.  I wasn’t sure how long to wait until visiting the doctor. I want to make sure I give enough time for the test to be accurate.
Under the skin isn't likely to be herpes. You may have balanitis, or fordyce spots, which are just oil glands.

Testing for herpes (which this is not) takes up to 4 months to be accurate. There is no test for HPV for men - that's diagnosed mostly visually, though a biopsy can be done.

Go get it checked because it's bothering you. That's reason enough. :) Let us know what happens.
I was finally able to see my doctor this week and he tested for all STD including herpes. Results came back today all negative.

Just as an FYI, though I don't think this is an STD, not all of your tests are conclusive.

Your syphilis test isn't conclusive until 6 weeks, and your herpes test, if you are still concerned about that, won't be conclusive until 4 months.

I don't think you have real cause to worry unless your symptoms have changed, but I just wanted to let you know.

Stay safe and healthy out there, and stay home!
Hey auntijessi, it’s been 6 weeks now since my last exposure and I’m still feeling discomfort in my genital area. I noticed a few lumps on my frenulum. I’m concerned it may be hpv. The area is red and I feel a burning sensation but it doesn’t look like warts but I’m not sure. Would you recommend I go back to my family doctor or to a urologist?
HPV warts are generally painless white or pinkish bumps. I doubt it's that.

Since you are still feeling discomfort, you should follow up with your doctor. There are lots of things that can cause issues that are totally unrelated to sexual activity. Maybe a urologist would be a good idea. If it's all normal, that could help if this is anxiety. If it's something else, a urologist might better be able to identify what it is.

Let me know what happens.
Hi auntijessi, I appreciate your response. So I had an appointment with a urologist this morning. Unfortunately, we were only able to do a video call since he isn’t seeing patients in the office. He said I have phimosis and he is prescribing cream. He also recommends I see him in person to discuss possibility of being circumcised. He said the bump I saw doesn’t look like a wart so I’m relieved about that for now.
I'm happy to hear you had the appt, and I hope it doesn't end up needing surgery.

Hang in there, and keep me updated as to how you're doing!
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