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Genital herpes won't go away

I contracted hsv-2 almost two years ago. 4 total outbreaks but the last one has lasted nearly about 10 months. It will just about go away but then pop up on the otherside of my penis. It's never painful, not itchy, it doesn seem typival of herpes that ive read abut. It does sometimes dry up and flake. Which is a good indication that the sores are in fact hsv. But it's just red and blotchy until it clears up and then red blotches pop up on another part of my penis. I've been to the doctor to confirm i have hsv2 (and hsv1). I'm healthy, workout, do yoga, meditate, mindful of my pH, and eathe a healthy diet thats not acidic(although I have tried to go acidic which made it way worse). Does anyone have any information on how to stop outbreaks naturally or advice on what worked for you? I'm only interested in medication as a last resort (I'm almost there, I want my sex life back)
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Hi, in all likely hood these are not herpes. Everything you mention is very atypical. You should have the areas swabbed and a PCR test performed or a naat test to determine exactly whats these are.
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