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Genital herpes?

Quick question actually a few to educate myself. I went to the doctor two weeks ago regarding what I thought was just an infection which turned out he said it was Herpes. I can't get into my gyno for another 2 weeks and he couldn't do a culture due to me not coming in to the office in time. I have 3 sexual encounters within the past year. Two of them protected the second one wasn't (he's a good friend of mine for years and it was one of those nights we were hanging out and we had sex). My question is, he was tested and all of two guys I had sex with were tested recently, blood and full exam all came back clean. Recently got back with my boyfriend of 8 years, I had been having a head cold for a week or so and we had been drinking, he gave me oral sex before we had unprotected sex. Two days later I had a soreness around my clitoris and didn't think anything of it, a few days went by and it became worse. I had three blisters around my clitoris area. My question is, can I guess this could be ghsv1? A few days later I also broke out in a few blisters around my anal area. But oddly I broke out on my clitoris area and my anal area only on the right side? My boyfriend then told me he had a small sore on the left side of his upper lip but didn't think anything of it. HELP please my mind is going insane.

I keep in touch still with all three of the guys as we all have become good friends after the sexual encounters.
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This could well be herpes, but I would seek confirmation. If it is then there is no doubt the partner two days before the symptoms appeared is the source.

It would be rare to get issues in two very separate places so quickly! I would get a blood test right now (IgG for HSV1 and HSV2) and in 12 weeks time. You need to have the first one right NOW!
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I was given Valtrex and it seemed to help but I'm a day off of it.
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Yes but follow my advice above. Have you ever had oral cold sores, even as a child?
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Sorry I didn't add you on there but no I never have had a cold sore ever
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Fleetwood20, help?
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There is nothing to add right now, did you get the blood test like I suggested?
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