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Genital hsv 1. What am I dealing with?

Hi All,

So my girlfriend just told me she has genital hsv 1. What am I dealing with here? Should I be concerned?

She referred me to this site if I had any questions and I have been reading up on some information and from the looks of it I shouldnt be concerned as it rarely sheds. How accurate it this?

I am a little concerned because the forums also state that there is a risk but its highly unlikely to spread from genital to genital but what about oral? Am I at risk for catching it orally?

I have been tested previously and am negative for both types of hsv. I always make sure I am tested for everything. I really love this girl and have know her since freshman year in college she is 23 and I am 26. I care about her so much but I'm not sure i want to contract this although she definitely defines and has everytihng I want in a woman. Can someone tell me what genital hsv 1 is and what it does to the body? Am I safe to have unprotected sex with her? We have always used condoms but after shes told me I've been a little less spontaneous in fear that I might contract her hsv 1.

I really dont want her to feel like Im pushing her away but its hard not to feel scared about this.

Is it really just a skin condition?
How come I have not acquired this yet? I have dated a handful of women and none have told me about any type of hsv 1. My gf said everyone has it in the form of cold sores on their mouths but to my knowledge I have not seen anyone with cold sores.

Can someone shed some light as I am very concerned and do not want to leave her without knowing the facts or what I will be dealing with.
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Another question Grace that just came to mind from reading other threads, what about shedding? If we are going to bump and grind all over the place dont I risk getting hsv 1 if we do have sex every day? Before her diagnoses we had a lot of unprotected sex because I knew who she was with and she knew who I was with prior and we were both tested so no issue there but what about now?

What is the likelyhood that I will end up with this if I plan on marrying her? Will I eventually get it? Id asymptomatic shedding with no symptoms?
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hsv1 genitally is active about a dozen days out of the year. the odds that you'd be having sex on one of those days overall is rather low.

no long term effects to having herpes either orally or genitally, regardless of type.

the risk of transmitting genital herpes to a baby during birth is less than 1% if she doesn't have any obvious lesions at the time of delivery. If she would have an obvious recurrence near the time of birth, a c section would be done to protect the baby.

no one teaches us to understand std's - we are taught to fear them in hopes that it keeps us from being sexually active. Obviously doesn't work too well and just leads to people fearing things they don't understand needlessly.
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Hi grace, im not going to lie but I am a bit concerned. I woke up today very scared. I had a couple of friends over who mentioned tht the worst things to get were aids and herpes. I stayed shut and ignored them. No one knows my gfs hsv status, that comment hurt a little because i know someone who has herpes and shes my gf. If people found out they would look at her like shes contagious and disgusting and i wouldnt want that.

I am thinking about whether i should stay in the relationship or just leave. Its hard to think about what i want to do. Her hsv is the only thing im afraid of.

What do you suggest?.:( very concerned here
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honestly, your friends are morons to actually dedicate a conversation to speculate "what is the worst thing to get". I bet my paycheck they don't even know the difference between hsv1 and hsv2 or anything regarding genital herpes at all.

maybe you should stop listening to people and just consider that you have a wonderful partner (as you said it yourself) who has a stds that sheds to infrequently that will most probably never transmit it to you and that it's just a minor nuissance in everyday life.
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Hi Bob,

I know i felt bad i didnt give my opinion or anything i just felt it was disrespectful. From what ive been reading ghsv1 is far less contagious then all the other types of hsv's besides oral hsv 2.

Im still trying to deal with this. Im struggling with the fact that its an std :/ any tips On how you dealth with this or having a negative partner and having transmitted ghsv1?
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I appreciate my gf telling me about this, she could have kept it to herself like some of the people On the forums ive read because it rarely sheds and is spread.

But On the other side its concerning. If hsv 1 is not an std just because its On the genitals its an std.
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