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Girlfriend with herpes outbreak bit my arm

Hi all, my gf had a bad herpes outbreak about a week ago and its been healing steadily to where theres still a small scab left on her lip. This morning she playfully bite me on the arm but didnt break the skin. About a minute after, when I looked at her lip and realized it wasnt healed I went and washed my arm with soap.

We both have had oral herpes for years though never been tested to see if its HSV 1 or 2. We both have regular breakouts every so often.

I am trying not to be upset with her but is there a chance I somehow got infected?
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If you both have oral herpes, statistically, it's hsv1. Oral herpes hsv2 is rare. When oral hsv2 happens, it rarely recurs, so if you are getting recurrences, it's most likely hsv1.

Assuming it's hsv1, you already have antibodies for it, so the chances of you getting it in another location are very, very low.

She didn't break the skin, and the skin on your arm is too thick for the virus to penetrate if it's not broken.

There's really nothing for you to worry about here. If she had broken your skin, maybe, but even still, you have antibodies that would protect you.

I wouldn't worry about this at all.
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