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HSV-1 (Oral Herpes) transmission to Child

Hi, my 15 year old has oral herpes (I'm assuming from me) but we're not a kissing family.  I've been trying to be cautious (washing hands) ever since my OB's early 2012 blood results (in which I noticed a white lesion on my  then 11 year old's lip around that time as well but I did not have any outbreaks then & could not bring myself to take 15 yr old to pediatrician for official diagnosis).  We used to share ice cream/utensils, taste each other's food, use same toothpaste (different toothbrush though & different towels/washcloths) etc...though, could that have been how it was transmitted?
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Hi, yes you should have your child take the blood test to confirm he has oral hsv1. If he doses youll never really know where or when he got it. Most often its from sharing dribbling toys in day school.
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