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HSV-1 Risk Assessment

Three days ago, I had sexual interactions with a person I deem to be at a slightly high to higher risk individual. The interactions which had taken place are as follows:

• Oral Kissing
• Brief oral sex F»M
• Brief oral sex M»F

I'm curious what is the risk of transmission. How quickly do symptoms manifest? Due to my level of concern everything looks and feels like a symptom.
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1. if they did not have any lip sore at the time, your risk would be close to zero from a one time affair as shedding doesnot occur that often.
2. same as above.
3. with no genital sores, even closer to zero risk.
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Your response is massively appreciated.

I have examined my penis (something I've never bothered doing before) and every "abnormality" seems like something for me to be worried about.

How obvious are these sores? At 3-days, Is it too early to identify them?
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As mentioned all of this was very low risk so stop checking your penis. 3 days is too early. You have HSV anxiety so dont confuse this with real life issues.
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Thanks for the responses. I'll try and take my mind off of all of this.
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