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HSV-2 IgG Results: Tested Too Early?

29 year old heterosexual female. During one of my recent bouts of clinical depression, I went on a bit of a sex "bender"  (unhealthy coping mechanism - on Prozac since 2012; increased dosage 11/12/15). Knowing that I had engaged in risky behavior, soon thereafter I sought STI screening with my primary care physician. Below I have detailed my sexual history in the event it impacts your interpretation, as well as my results history.

Past Sexual History:
Numerous Partners Protected and Unprotected Age 14 to December 2014
HPV Diagnosed Around Age 18
Chlamydia Around Ages 18 and 21
Negative All Other STIs

Recent Sexual History Since January 2015:
Negative All STIs Except HSV
Sexual Partner 1 (Oct. 2014 - March 2015; 20+ Times Protected & Unprotected)
Sexual Partner 2 (July 2015 - Aug. 2015; 3 Times Unprotected)
Sexual Partner 3 (Mid-October 2015; 2 Times Unprotected)
Sexual Partner 4 (Late-October 2015; 1 Time Unprotected)
Sexual Partner 5 (11/21/2015; 1 Time Unprotected)

HSV-1 Results: Always Super Positive (Had It Since Childhood)
HSV-2 Results 1/19/2014: IgG <.2 Al (Negative)
HSV-2 Results 1/25/2015: IgG Unknown (Negative)
HSV-2 Results 11/11/2015: IgG 1.0 H (Equivocal) HerpeSelect

Based on my latest 1.0, my doctor would like to retest in 6 weeks to either confirm a false positive or true positive.  From researching, I understand that 1.10 is the positive threshold so technically I am still under that; only 3.5 is a definite positive. To my knowledge, I am symptomless. I have had some normal itching/discomfort (yeast and UTI) and experienced "flu-like" symptoms for 1-2 days around Nov. 18/19 (which I attributed to the antibiotics for the UTI). If exposed, I highly suspect it was October 2015 Partner 3 or 4 (neither had visible HSV symptoms). If it was Partner 3 or 4, I was tested only 1.5 - 4 weeks after possible exposure.

I have read about the prevalence of HSV-2 false positives with high positive HSV-1. However, given my history (never been equivocal before - unsure of 1/25/15 number) of always being HSV-1 positive but never being HSV-2 positive until "now", what is the probability that I actually have HSV-2? I understand than the 1.0 isn't even a low positive at this point, but I also understand that I was possibly tested too soon for it to show accurately.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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I'm going to assume you meant 11/25.

Your repeat testing was still too early , especially since you have recently  had another partner.  That said, your previous hsv2 igg was equivocal which isn't positive. Up to you if you want to repeat your testing again or just start engaging in protected sexual contact and just testing yearly for std's to cover your bases.

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HSV-2 Results 1/25/2015: IgG 0.9 (Negative)
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The odds look minimal to me, probably less than a 15% chance of a gential herpes infection. Based on what you describe as symptoms, even lower!

A test at 12-16 weeks is required to confirm the negative.
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