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HSV-2 IgG Results

Tested NEGATIVE for HSV-2 IgG after 8 weeks and 14 weeks. Do I need further testing or can I put this behind me? I've not had any symptoms at this point, but I read conflicting information about when results are conclusive, like some say 3 months and some say 16 weeks.
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14 weeks is plenty, especially with no symptoms. 16 weeks is just an added precaution for those already with HSV1.

You can be very confident you do not have HSV2.
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I do have HSV-1. I've had it since I was a little kid, and I confirmed it with a positive HSV-1 IgG when I ran the 8 week panel. I didn't even test for it again with the 14 week panel because I've known for years.

Does this mean I need a 16 week test?

Are my results now considered less accurate?

Does having HSV-1 affect my results?

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To be open, my exposure was protected oral and protected vaginal intercourse with a stripper. Finished with unprotected hnadjob.
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14 weeks is fine, you are negative.
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