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HSV 2 IgG results Equivocal, the Supplemental test was negative.

Hello, I recently got tested for a 10 panel drug screening at a lab because I a burning feeling when I pee and in my urethra (male)....I had protected sex and unprotect oral sex 3 & half weeks before the test.

All the tests came back negative, but my HSV2 test cam back Equivocal (.99) which they said is “high.” On my results it shows that my Supplemental IgG Test the results for HSV2 were Negative.

Is it safe to say I likely do not have herpes? From what I’ve read, I heard the Supplemental Test is reliable.

I believe that my burning feeling is from a male UTI or urthetis now. Since I have no other health issues. I also started hydrating heavily and drinking Cranberry juice and it was relieved the burning somewhat.
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Did you mean to say drug screening or STD screening?

You had protected sex, so your chances of getting hsv2 from that encounter are slim. You could get genital hsv1 if you received oral sex (the number indicates the strain of infection, not the location).

Your second hsv2 test means that you don't have herpes type 2 from any previous encounters that occurred at least 6 weeks prior to your testing. (It can take up to 4 months to develop antibodies, but most will by 6 weeks.)

Were these tests IgG tests? If they are IgM tests, totally disregard it. They are unreliable.

Burning when you pee and in your urethra is far more likely to be a UTI or urethritis than herpes, and you should get that checked. Many times, that needs an antibiotic to clear.

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Hello, thank you for the response.

Yes this was a STD test, for 10 different STDs. The encounter I was concerned about happened 3-4 weeks prior. The tests were IgG, done by Labcorp

HSV1 IgG: Negative
HSV2 IgG: Equivocal score of .99
HSVs Supplemental: Negative (Glyoprotein IgG, my spelling might be off)

Does that help clarify? So I probably don’t? Thank you again for the response.

It's too early to say for the encounter 3-4 weeks ago. Most people will develop antibodies by 6 weeks, but for a conclusive result, you need to wait until 12-16 weeks.

The chances are very low that you'd get hsv2 from protected sex, and unless you get symptoms for hsv1, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Medically though, if you want absolute certainty, test at 12-16 weeks.
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