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HSV 2 Question

Last April I had a full panel STD test (beginning of a new relationship)?.  All negative except for hsv1 with an igg of 33. I’ve known that I’ve had that since I was a kid.

Relationship ended and started  R in Jan with previous partner . Tested all negative again except HSV1 31 (Quest diagnostics). Have single encounter with someone late March.  Around same time noticed what I thought was a small spot of dermatis (very sensitive skin). Think nothing of it until that goes away and same “spot” on opposite side in pubic area. Get full panel 29 days after single encounter and igg is 7.75 for hsv 2.
Both guys say they are negative. Seems like 7.75 is high for 29 days with an established hsv1 infection for it to be the single encounter.  I realize it probably takes at least 10 days to seroconvert and add on another 7 or so due to hsv1.
I realize it probably doesn’t matter since they are both saying negative but could it have been from the prior partner post January?
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Okay, to be sure I understand the dates:

April 2020 - negative hsv2 test, positive hsv1 test

Jan 2021 - relationship ends, restarted old relationship - still hsv2 neg

March 2021 - single encounter with 3rd person, small spot on skin - goes away

29 days later - hsv2 IgG is 7.75

I think I'm confused - is March guy one of the other 2 guys or a 3rd guy? You mention "both guys say they are negative" - is this because you haven't talked to March guy?

It's fully possible to be at a 7.75 at 29 days. Hsv1 can delay things, but doesn't always. Have you actually seen the other guys' results? Have they actually tested, and tested negative?

With the 29 days - are you counting from the encounter, or from the onset of the symptoms? Count from the encounter.

Let me know if I'm understanding this, or if I'm way off base here.

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Thanks for responding.  The guy I was with last year is negative-that I know.  After we broke up in January, I restarted a relationship with a previous partner.  My last encounter with him was March 16th. March 21st I had a ONS (stupid, stupid, stupid) and results came back on April 19th of 7.75. No, I’ve not seen either of these guys results.  

I just thought 7.75 would be high if it was the March 21st encounter.   Hope that helps clarify.  

Okay, so Last Year Guy is out.

Previous Partner is a maybe - he's saying he's negative, but you haven't seen those results?

ONS guy is March 21 and could definitely be the source guy. Previous Partner could be, too, given the timing.

There's only 5 days separating Previous Partner and ONS (no judgement, just for clinical use), which isn't that much in terms of developing antibodies. The only way you'll know is to see test results. Is Previous Partner acting weird about it? That might be more telling than anything.

How are you doing otherwise? Dealing with it okay? :)
I’m okay.  Thanks for asking. I behaved stupid and reckless at an incredibly stressful time in my life.  I feel ridiculous, but that’s my fault.

The previous partner is acting strange. He and the one time encounter are both very nonchalant  so I don’t know what to think. I know it doesn’t really matter at this point, however it bothers me some days. I’ve seen no one’s test results-just what they’ve told me.  
Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all done stupid and reckless things. Sometimes, we aren't even stressed when we do.

I understand needing to know - it just sort of completes the puzzle in your mind, and allows you to move forward. Medically, it doesn't matter, but mentally, sometimes it can.

A strange thought - could both the ONS and previous partner have it? Maybe they both have it, and they are acting this way because they don't want you to know. What if it's all just a big coincidence? Stranger things have happened.

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