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HSV-2 from mutual masturbation from a confirmed positive man?

i'm a gay male. recently i meet up with a man who preformed oral sex on me. while he was doing it he also masturbated himself, and also was masturbating me with the same hand he used to touch his penis with. later on i found out that he has genital hsv-2 because he told me afterward.

what are the chances that i contracted hsv-2 from him from this encounter? can it spread from him touching his penis and then him touching my penis directly after?
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You cannot get hsv2 from him touching you. HSV2 is a genital infection and needs genital to genital rubbing contact. It is possible to get hsv 1 from him giving you oral sex as can be active on the lips even if no lip sores are visiable. Thats why is recommended to use condoms.
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