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HSV Elisa Test Result Accuracy

Hi, I had performed unprotected oral sex on a girl 10 years back and she performed protected oral sex on me for 5-10 secs. That is the only exposure I have so far.

I had tested 20 days after this event for HSV 1 and 2 types (Igg type specific) specific and both were negative at 0.02 and 0.1. I retested 6 months after exposure and both were negative with the values 0.1 and 0.3 ( Q1. not sure why the HSV2 number went up from 0.1 to 0.3).

I retested after 10 years with HerpesSelect 2 IgG Elisa and it came back as non-reactive. Q2. How accurate are HSV Elisa tests in correctly identifying negative HSV1 and HSV2 results?
I had ordered an online home test kit where I had collected my blood on a blood card and ship it to the lab in another state.

I heard they miss huge numbers of HSV1 and 3% of HSV2 results.

P.S. During this 10 year period, I have had a pus filled single bump on my penis shaft on 3 different occasions which would leak yellowish pus upon pressing them. I was told that they were folliculitis. Can it be misdiagnosed as folliculitis?
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The hsv1 IgG does miss 30% of infections, and 8% of hsv2 infections, but from oral sex, you are only at risk for genital hsv1, or ghsv1.

Herpes is a cluster of blisters, not a single pus-filled bump. Yes, doctors can misdiagnose, but they can misdiagnose anything.

I'm not sure why you are worried about this 10 years later, but you should let it go. Two-thirds of adults globally have hsv1 orally, and another large chunk have it genitally - we aren't sure how many, exactly - so if you are trying to avoid it, that's going to be very difficult.
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Thanks  auntiejessi ! so I can be among those 30% or 8% which is worrisome to me . I had also done urine based HPV test from idna which cam back non-reactive for all the strains that this test is designed for.
Can HSV1 and 2 type specific test miss to detect the specific hsv type even after 10 years?
HPV would have cleared your system long ago - it does within 2 years in 90% of people.

You weren't at risk for hsv2 - are you reading what I am saying, fully? Don't worry about hsv2 and the 8%. It doesn't apply to you.

You've had no symptoms of herpes, so why are you so worried? You could have gotten is a kid from a family member and never even known it. Really, this is not a big deal. This sounds like an anxiety thing to me.

And I'm so sorry - I just noticed that this was oral sex for 5-10 seconds. This is not a thing. The chances of you getting anything from this are literally so low they may as well be zero.

It's been 10 years. Let it go. If you can't, I'm compassionately recommending therapy.  

Thanks for your assurance. Yes, it was just protected oral sex on me by her for 5-10 secs and unprotected oral performed by me on her for 30 secs. That is the only contact I had so far with anyone.

I never had any sores on my lips but I used to get canker sores for past 20-25 years due to toothpaste. I stopped using fluoride based toothpaste and I stopped getting canker sores. I do remember that I had sore throat 7 days after performing oral sex . Is this due to catching some bacteria from oral sex ? I noticed that many people have complained of having a sore throat after performing oral sex.
I don't know about sore throats after oral sex. Most oral STDs don't cause symptoms. Performing oral sex on a woman is really low risk.

Listen, it's been 10 years. Let this go.
Sure, I will let it go. One last question before I close this topic for good. If a person is infected with any HSV type, will the antibodies stay in their detectable range for the rest of life? Or will they disappear after a few years and positive person becomes negative on the HSV ELISA IgG test (i.e. < 0.9)?
You will have them for life.

Best of luck.
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