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HSV False Positive? Help!

I have never had any symptoms. 5 weeks after my last encounter (1 year ago) I took a herpes HSV2 igg type specific blood test from Primex Labs which came back negative <.02.

1 year later (zero partners since - haven't had sex in over a year) at another doctor - HSV 2 igg test w/ Focus Diagnostics HerpeSelect ELISA came back low positive 1.2.

2 weeks after the last test, I retested with Primex Labs (igg type specific EIA method, same as ELISA?) and my results are again negative <.02.

Very confused, please help!
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Nothing to be confused about. It was indeed a false positive (noise in the test) and you do not have hsv2. That I would bet my bottom dollar on. I had a very low false positive and talked to the lab at the Universaty of Washington.  They do the western blot (the gold standard for hsv testing). He told me positives in that range means the igg test has no idea what it saw. In other words it has no confidence it saw the antibodies.
The higher the number the more sure the test saw antibodies.
Again put your mind to rest as you my dear are just fine.

Hope this helps
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Thanks so much!  You have reassured me tremendously!!  Do you feel that another test should be run?  Or should I just rest assured that I'm fine?  

I've tested 3 times since my last sexual encounter a year ago with a negative <.02 (although only 5 weeks after in the antibody development window), the one low-positive 1.2 and the final negative <.02... they were all igg type-specific blood tests, so the reliability should be about the same for all.  Happy that 2/3 have been negative, thinking I should just believe those!
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I honestly would not even bother retesting. Your last test was neg. Like I said false negatives are not an issue. Low false positives are. You are negative! Have a great day
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your feedback!!  I hope you have a great day, as well!
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