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HSV I Concerns (Transmission)

I was recently diagnosed with genital HSV 1, the strain that usually causes cold sores. I recently got into a new relationship and haven't told him about this yet.

Do I need to tell him?

I understand that recurrences are infrequent with this strain of genital herpes, I have had 1 outbreak in 6 months and I was extremely rundown when this occurred which I'm guessing is why it happened. The doctor's told me I can only pass it on to my partner when I have symptoms (I've asked 3 different doctors about this now), so on that basis, I may never have another recurrence meaning he is not at risk. However, I have read online about asymptomatic shedding. I've gathered that with this strain, this occurs only in 1/4 of people, if it occurs at all, it is only between 1-3% of the time. So the risk is very very low, if we use condoms it is even lower. Would I be unnecessarily worrying him? I also understand that shedding decreases with time, even halves after the first year, so in six months time the risk will be even lower.

Secondly, when we have sex do we always need to use a condom? Or is the risk low enough for us to be able to occasionally not?

Advice please.
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First you need to know if he already has hsv1 if he does sex without any symptoms is totally fine. But I think you should ask him to get a. Blood test in fact both of you should get tested by stds and if you can explain him the facts about how unlikely it is for you to transmit it because it sheds close to none amd he might already have it(that would be the thing in this situation). It would create far more trouble if he finds out the other irreversibl way both in terms of his health and trust in you honesty. If he truely cares for you and a sendable guy who can understand risks this wont be a problem genital hsv2 is 10 times a bigger problem. And if you are ashamed of it dont be hsv1 on genitals is no different thatn hsv1 on the mouth in fact it is less symptomatic and sheds less. After (if you choose to tell him) you can talk about protection and medication and avoiding sex when any symptom is present. But first things first get both of you checked fully who knows
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I read the above and I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in the genital area a year ago.  I have had one outbreak since.  I would like to know if I can spread this to my partner if he gives me oral sex or if we have sex without a condom.
thank you
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