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HSV Infection Question

I occasionally develop a cold sore (blood test confirmed HSV-1 a few years ago) on my lower lip. Last breakout 3yrs ago.

6 days ago i gave someone a "handjob" and the recipient rubbed my groin through my underwear, and their lips made contact with my shoulder and chest but not face. That was the only contact, rubbing my legs with their hand, rubbing my genitals over underwear and kissing my chest. 6 days later i developed a cold sore on my lower lip in the same place as my last cold sore 3yrs ago.

Is there any chance this is possibly a new HSV-2 infection based on the contact as opposed to HSV-1?
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Hi and no. From what you describe you had no risk for acquiring hsv2. This is a sexually transmitted virus that need naked rubbing genital contact to be at risk for contracting.
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No chance at all.
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