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HSV1 Risk

I placed a single peck/no tongue/saliva on the neck of someone while inebriated and regretted the act as it was not my regular partner. Over the next couple days I've had some tingling sensation around the mouth and dry lips. 4 days later the top of my lip has a reddish bump with a slight sensation due to the swelling. I'm worried about this being HSV1. How likely is this from this 1/2 second exposure? The other person had no visible sores but there was sweat in the area.
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No risk in the event you describe.
Thanks, I'm a bit concerned as the bump on my lip is still reddish but as its small in size, I can't really tell if there's a whitehead or the expected fluid like cluster with HSV. Just been applying some blistex to it, its got a bit of a burning sensation. I'm wondering if this is just something due to my stress levels. How early could I rule this out via test? Thanks.
Hi, i've had a lot of tingling sensations around the lips in the weeks after on/off and one other whitehead that came and went in a day. Also tested negative for Western Blot few days ago to rule out that I already didn't have it. My regular partner just complained of lymph node swelling, which she's never had before. - no lesions yet. Also has a slight fever. I thought perhaps it might be yeast/bacterial. I'm just wondering if perhaps I might still have picked up HSV1. Is there still a possibility?
Not from the event you described. Kissing someone’s neck is no risk. Nothing you have said makes me think you got HSV1 from this.
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You could get it swabbed now. Which is the best way to test because bloodtests are unreliable and you could be positive, never have outbreaks. You can never be sure if the spot you see is from hsv1 unless you swab it or it's very obvious.

But beside that if it is an hsv outbreak or not it is not from this event. Because primary outbreaks are very obvious and also the event you describe is just no risk. People don't shed virus from their neck. Also it is not in sweat. And on top it takes more then a peck for tranmission to occur.

I think your "bump" is anxiety driven. Driven by guilt since it is not your regular partner. And it is just some normal blemish or maybe whitehead. If your licking it alot or touching stop that can give a burning sensation on normal skin from my own experience.

Just sharing my opinion here. From what ive learned researching the web. No expert.
Thanks, highly appreciate it.
Just an update - the reddish spot is tiny but from afar the whitehead is more prominent. Does this suffice to rule out a cold sore? Not painful at the moment. Sorry, asking cos I don't believe i've had/felt a cold sore before.
Also, is a cold sore generally inflammated for several days? My inflammation/whitehead appears to have subsided.
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