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HSV1 ???

Female , had first of many encounters on 1/26/19 had unprotected oral and vaginal
intercourse with a known partner
1/17/19 Fever small painful blisters around labia , vaginal
opening. Painful urination
1/18/19 Saw Urgent care doctor told genital herpes
Put on 1 gram Valtrex twice daily , helped a lot sores gone by that Friday.
2/25/19 Saw regular Gyn. He was unable to see any sores
Did HSV bloodwork
HSV 1&2 IGM POSITIVE at 1.64
Gynecologist says I have HSV1???
Partner had canker sore inside mouth when I received oral
Should I retest again see if I have HSV 2?
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If this is a new infection for you, then it's too soon to show on a test. (And lord, your doctors are terrible.)

1.11 is barely positive, and if that does turn out to be a true positive, it would mean a pre-existing infection, probably oral.

It can take up to 4 months to show positive on a blood test. Did the first doctor do a culture on the sores? That's the best way to know for sure. That doctor should have done a type specific culture to know exactly what it is.

Disregard the IgM test. It's unreliable, and shouldn't be done on adults.

It sounds like you have herpes genitally, but you'll have to wait for a few months to know for sure. Has your partner been tested? That would help answer some things.

You can read more about herpes and testing (and living with it) here - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/ It's written by one of the world's leading experts, and it's free. :)

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Hi thanks for you reply
My partner won’t get tested and no cultures done didn’t have insurance
I saw an infectious disease doctor yesterday and he wanted to do another IGG for both types . and he thinks I’m infected with HSV2
That guy said he he only has HSV1 and most likely got genitally from his cold sore
My two ex  long term partners know and got tested and both were negative so I think it’s the guy with yeh supposed cold sore
I believe he has type2 but is now ghosting me and won’t answer
I'm sorry you're going through this, and I'm sorry he's ghosting you, but you don't really need him to get answers. It would be nice, and mature if he stuck around, but you're better off, apparently.

In any case, I agree with getting retested. Make sure that you get a type specific IgG test, and not a combo test that doesn't give separate results for each type.
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Typo meant 2/17/19 noticed sores
2/18/19 Saw urgent care doc
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