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HSV2 low positive result

I received a herpeselect test and hsv1 came back as 0, hsv2 came back with 2.39.

I’ve never had symptoms and I’ve had sex with 2 people prior. One of them I know it wasn’t from, the other I’m suspicious of but they recently informed me that they recently had a clean test.

Do I believe them? If so I’d have to expect that my result was a false positive. If they are lying how does one go about proving someone knowingly transmitted hsv2? Is it worth going for another ELISA retest or should I opt for a western blot?
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Can you ask the suspicious one for a copy of their test result? Don't accuse - just let them know that you had a low positive test, and before you go through the process of retesting, you'd like to make sure they had the correct testing done? Tell them your doctor wants to know because he's having a hard time believing yours is a false positive or something, if you need to.

That's valid, too. They could have had an IgM test, which is an unreliable test, and they need the IgG test.

Why did you test if you had no symptoms?

And are you sure your results were 0 for the hsv1? There is no such thing as a 0 on a herpes test.

I wouldn't worry about knowingly transmitting yet. Just worry about you first. If the person does indeed have a negative test, then you should get a WB. You'll probably test positive again on the ELISA.

How long ago were you with the person? How long ago was your most recent exposure?

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Thank you for your response!

I was concerned about a physical injury, and the provider recommended I take a test. I expected a clean result, didn’t question it, and figured it would be the “smart” thing to do. I was with the person from the end of December and had the test in February. One more exposure to that person after that.

I believe the value for HSV1 was just zero, but I’ll check and update if that’s not the case.

The suspicious one has been hard to get a hold of since I approached them, they were very defensive and seemed offended I asked. She’s a friend of my best friends girlfriend and she spoke directly with the suspicious one. I trust her and think the suspicious one would be honest with her. She said that I should be fine, but I suppose now I need to get more answers to see what fine means.
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Update: So the partner in question has confirmed to me directly again that her tests were clean. She’s graciously agreed to have her doctor send them to mine, if I supply my doctors information. Is this an OK way to do this?

The fact that she’s willing to do this gives me a glimmer of hope, but it really still depends on the test results and timing I suppose.

Side question: could “mono” potentially influence the results of this test?
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Yes, that's a fine way to do that. Make sure you get a copy, too. Make sure she signs the release to show you.

Mono might cross react on a different kind of herpes test, the IgM. You had the IgG, correct? It shouldn't affect that.
Yes unfortunately it was IgG. And value for hsv1 was <0.91. I’m very very stressed over this. What do you mean signs the release to show me?
I don't know the legal stuff involved here - I just want to make sure your doctor can discuss the results of her test with you. Make sure the release she signs doesn't just mean the results can only be shared with the doctor. If the doctor can't share them with you, that's not very helpful.

The only thing you can do now is wait. If both of your partners are negative, then your result has to be a false positive.

Why are you so sure that your other partner isn't your source?
Thanks Jessi, FYI I have yet to receive any communication from any doctors today.

I'm certain my first partner did not have it because I'm absolutely certain I was their first and only partner. Unless there was exposure by myself or her in some extremely peculiar way sometime leading up to adolescence, but that seems impossible so I haven't considered it.

I've requested a WB kit and submitted another ELISA since more time has elapsed.
That makes sense then - if you were her first partner, then I understand why you are certain.

When was your last exposure? Are you doing all these tests before enough time has passed?
Sorry - you explained that you were with the one you suspect in December, and "One more exposure to that person after that." - when was "after that"?
Sometime in May I believe. (Other (unrelated) blood test values from my test were unusual for me as well.) I'm thinking/hoping my results are comparable the others with similar values in this study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2648390/
This is one of the main reasons why some doctors don't like testing for herpes in asymptomatic or low risk patients. There are false positives.

Taking a test now, after your exposure in May, would be pretty reliable, but not totally conclusive. Of course, if she doesn't have herpes, then there isn't any need for all this testing. Let's hope she has signed the release. It takes doctors DAYS sometimes to process paperwork. It doesn't seem like it should, but it does.

Hang in there!
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