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Had it forever, it's still getting worse

I have recurring hsv2 with ancillary symptoms of significant peripheral neuralgia or neuropath in my legs and feet, insomnia, and a general feeling of agitation when it's building up. I've been on a very restricted low arginine diet for years, which helped a lot, but doesn't seem to be helping much now. Lysine helped for a long time, but no longer. On suppressive therapy of 400 mg/day of Acyclovir I don't get sores but the other symptoms get progressively worse. I know it's worse when I'm stressed but it's now the major stressor and I don't know how to cope. Been to many doctors. Was tested for low NK cells and tested low twice but the third time it was a bit above the low threshold in the very low normal range. Not that there's treatment for that, but I'm trying to be specific.
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