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Having G HSV1 can my boyfriend get sores orally?

I was diagnosed with genital hsv almost a year ago. My partner had oral herpes and performed oral sex giving me hsv 1 on my genitals. I had one outbreak shortly after the inter course and received treatment and a culture swab. My partner just informed me last night every time he performs oral sex on me he gets sores in his mouth. Is this a result of the genital hsv 1? Because I have genital hsv 1 should my partner stop performing oral sex on me?  
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A lot going on here. Firstly how do you know you have hsv1 on your genitals, was it swabbed? Also if he had hsv1 orally you can't reinfect him. Also sores don't occur inside the mouth
It was swabbed. The culture swab came back positive for hsv1 but negative for hsv2. He showed me one on the inside of his bottom lip and one on his tongue. They looked like canker sores to me but I just want to make sure since he claims this is every time he performs oral sex on me
Those are canker sores then, no one really knows what causes them. But herpes won't flare up every time he comes into contact with other herpes
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