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I tested negative for herpes but can someone shed if there's no blisters or open sores no where
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Yes this is called asymptomatic viral shedding. It happens with both hsv1 and hsv2, and it happens where ever you have it (like oral hsv1 or genital hsv1, etc.).

HSV 2 genital  15-30% of days evaluated
HSV 1 genital  3-5% of days evaluated
HSV 1 oral 9-18% of days evaluated
HSV 2 oral  1% of days evaluated

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information I just have anxiety of catching herpes when the time is right
Catching herpes is not that easy. If you use condoms, that will reduce your risk quite a bit. Talk to your partners about STDs before having sex, and if you are in monogamous relationships, test with each other before sex. :)
Thanks again for the response
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How long after exposure did you test?
6 weeks
Are u suffering from any symptoms / sensations at all ?
None what so ever I never had a outbreak or cold sore what so ever and it been over a year
I never had a cold sore or blisters in my entire life
you should be good then, what makes you worried about catching herpes? have you been with an infected person?
No not at all
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