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Herpes 1.25

Hello, I wanted to know if it is recommended for me to get a western blot or a bio kit confirmation test after my results. 5 weeks after exposure (protected sex) I went in to a family planning clinic and tested at 1.09 equivocal on hsv 2 IGG . I waited until I hit the 3 month mark to see if my next test would come back negative and unfortunately it didn’t, after 3 month exposure I am now positive at hsv 2 IGG 1.25 . Should I continue to test with different type of tests, or should I accept that since my equivocal result went up in 3 months I am truly now positive. I’m so shocked, I had so much faith in my tests coming back negative since my exposure was brief and condom protected.  Idk what to do ? Or how to tell my current bf. How do you tell someone about having herpes ? I don’t talk to the guy who might have gave me this, he was jst someone I was dating before I got with my bf, can someone please advice me. I can’t have sex with my bf knowing that I might infect him, it wouldn’t be fair to him.
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"could the IGG hsv 2 have missed it 5 months after exposure?" - no, it would have shown up by then.

Remember that no matter what Current Guy says or does, you deserve a good guy. Everyone has the right to decline any romantic interest, for any reason. I'm sure you have deal breakers. While it will feel personal and will suck if he declines to be with you, remember that how he handles that is very telling.

If he does decline, keep in mind that it frees you to find a man who won't - one that may be better suited for you. :)

And if the other guys aren't trustworthy with this information, or safe, then leave it alone. Your safety - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - are most important.

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Hello auntie jessi, I went in to see my dr. About a week ago, she tryed helping me in regards to getting a western blot. Unfortunately my insurance is unfamiliar with what a western blot is, the  representative that had assisted me when I called the insurance gave me 2 codes and my doctor stated it was for lymes disease. I’m just so frustrated at this point,  even though my doctor was very helpful she wasn’t able to do anything for me in regards to confirming. She didn’t recommend an IGG in the first place, she kept telling me to stay calm, but now that I went down that road I have no choice but to confirm if I really am positive. I’m going to another dr around this month, is there any way that they can order a western blot without it having a code? My other option would be through Terri but I feel like everyone here is just not familiar  with the western blot, they’re going to really give me a hard time when it comes to me finding the lab etc. And I’m also so scared of finding out, I was doing so good in the holidays I had forgot what my  reality really was.  
Seriously, I hate insurance.

This is the info from the Univ of Washington, where your doc has to order the herpes WB from - https://testguide.labmed.uw.edu/public/view/HSWB

On the Billing and Coding tab, it says this:

Billing & Coding

CPT codes
    86695, 86696

The lab doesn't care what test you have done. If you do it through Terri, she'll send the correct order, and the lab just draws the blood. They don't need to understand the test, because they'll send it to the Univ of Washington. They know how to do stuff like that.

I'm sorry you are going through all this. It shouldn't have to be this difficult.

I hope 2020 is better for you.

Hello auntie jessi it’s me again, I’m currently waiting for the 28 of January to see a dr so he can order me a western blot but have a quick question. I been experiencing pins and needles on my hands I don’t know how to describe it, it seems like electrical shocks It’s more on my hands though sometimes feet the sensations come and go. I’ve never experienced this before, my question is since I’m still not sure if I have hsv2 and am waiting for the western blot to be ordered. Does hsv2 cause these type of symptoms when recently acquired?  Have you ever heard of this?
No, not in the hands.

Herpes infects nerve groups. Oral herpes infects the trigeminal nerve in the facial area, and genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia. This means that any symptoms of oral herpes will appear only around the mouth and nose, and any genital herpes symptoms will appear only in the area covered by boxer shorts.

You wouldn't get symptoms in your hands.

Also, nerve issues (tingling, pain) from herpes is always accompanied by an outbreak. It can signal an outbreak is coming, and there can be some nerve pain after an outbreak, but without having an outbreak, you wouldn't have nerve issues. Those sensations would be located in the facial area or boxer shorts area.
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I spoke to a doctor in regards to the western blot it seems like he would be able to order it but he was telling me that the biokit is as good as the western blot ? Is this true ? Also he was stating that it was not convenient for me to receive the western blot due to it being for research purposes what does this mean ? He seems hesitant about it but I think I might be able to convince him. The biokit will almost cost me 300 dollars, how much do you think the western blot would cost me ?
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You are going to be fine trust me. Because I have gone through it and it was all BULLSH*T! It was a false positive and little do you know how ignorant doctors can be about this.

Those are NOT herpes related symptoms, honey.  You are fine.

AuntieJessie is also a great reliable source so please do take her advice.
She has patiently helped me through this and educated me with all the facts on how my results were similar to yours, a false positive.

You have insurance and the biokit will cost $300? How much did the IgG cost?

Getting the WB through Terri Warren at Westover Heights, with the consult and the test, is $345. If you're going to spend that much money, get the WB. https://westoverheights.com/herpes/getting-a-western-blot/

The WB is technically done for research, which is why it's only done by the University of Washington, but it's also offered for patients who need confirmatory testing. It's not "inconvenient" for you - it just may take more time for him and his office to order it, and you may have to wait longer to get it done.

Call your insurance company and tell them that you have indeterminate herpes test results, and ask them how much a biokit and a WB would be, and do they cover either? If it's only going to end up being a few dollars in difference, get the WB through Terri Warren.

And as to your new relationship - are you intimate yet?

You have options. You can decide not to tell him, based on the fact that this is quite likely a false positive.

Obviously, the downside to that is what if it is positive? Then you (may have) had sex with him and didn't let him make an informed decision.

You can decide to tell him, letting him know that there is a really good chance this is a false positive. The down side to this is that he may freak out, BUT that's also a good thing. Do you want a guy who flips out and handles things badly? He is fully within his rights to decline to take a health risk, but seeing how someone handles things like this early in the relationship can be a blessing in disguise. Does he remain calm? Does he get nasty? Is he supportive? It's not a test - I'm not a fan of relationship tests - but it is telling.

It's a lot for a new relationship, but this is why you test, right? You need to be informed. Has he tested? Did his testing include herpes testing? Often, people say, "test me for everything," and docs then say, "You were negative for everything," but no discussion about what "everything" is. "Everything" often does not include herpes.

So ultimately, it's up to you. I don't know your guy. Do you think you'll be safe if you tell him? (And if you don't think so, why are you with him?) Is it a bad time of year? Are you apart for the holidays? If you aren't going to see him for a bit, maybe tell him when you are back together after the holidays. Use your judgement. :) You're a smart one - you're figuring all this herpes stuff out, and many doctors can't even manage that, right?
The IGG test cost me 9 dollars, I went to a family planning clinic,  since they were available on a Saturday to check for all stds I paid out of pocket. I went to test for hiv, chlamydia, syphillis, and gonorrhea. I wasn’t planning to test for the IGG but they offered it, so I said why not. I also have commercial insurance, but they aren’t available on saturdays, and it’s very hard for me to get a day off at work during the week :(. I called my healthplan and they told me the western blot would be covered, that I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. I scheduled my appointment this upcoming Monday, and am hoping this new doctor could help me.  If not I’ll end up doing it through terri.

My bf wants to be intimate and I put up every excuse I can to avoid that from happening. I’m waiting on his test results , if the hsv is not included I am going to mention it to him. Thankyou so much for your advice, I’m hoping this new dr could help me get the western blot so I can go from there . You are very right, this will proof to me if he will continue respecting me for who I am, if he does then it’ll definately show me he truly cares for me.

Just wanted to mention to you After breaking up with my first bf I developed bumps on my labia majora around 4 months after exposure, the bumps looked like blisters. I remember going to my pcp and there was a nurse who did an igm swab (which now I know is not really valid) and a IGG hsv 2 which came back negative for both  . I was referred to a gyn, the gyn stated it could be due to my hpv ( I was diagnosed on Jan 2018) the gyn stated that it was definately not herpes. Around 5 months after exposure I developed the same bumps, this time I went to another provider who did another type of test swab (I believe it was a swab looking for the virus I’m not so sure, but it wasn’t a igm)on the bumps and they came back negative as well for hsv. Could I probably have had hsv  since before and these test missed it, this was around Jan 2018 though may 2018. If I do end up being positive  could I be certain it was the guy I started dating before my bf ? Or could it had been my first bf and tests missed it ?  

Should I mention it to the guy I was dating before my bf? I haven’t communicated with him, we have mutual friends and am afraid he will mention it to someone we both know. But if he tests and is negative, then I might not have it. But what are the odds ? 5 weeks after exposure with him I tested equivocal and 3 months after exposure I tested low positive. We did have protected sex but his sperm spilled on my labia majora after leaving the condom behind. What are the odds to contract hsv 2 in this way?  

I’m so sorry aunti jessi I keep asking so many questions. I just feel like you are the only one who can give me clear answers, Geminii is right these doctors are so ignorant. They Don’t care about people going through these situations, no one has advised me on what to do or what not do. Nothing, they  just said “ oh your positive “ call if you need meds Thankyou bye.

I really appreaciate all of your answers, Thankyou
Okay, so first - the IgM isn't a swab, it's a blood test. It is definitely unreliable, and the IgG is better (but certainly has it's flaws).

I'm sorry that you are going through this. HPV looks nothing like herpes, and I have no idea why you can't find decent sexual health care with doctors who can tell the difference.

How long after the bumps appeared did you have them cultured? Were they bumps or blisters? Hard bumps are not herpes.

I think you should tell the new guy. If you want this relationship to last, one thing that has to be there is trust. Instead of just finding ways to put sex off, you can explain what is happening, and let him know that you aren't sure what's going on, and don't want to do anything until you know exactly what it is, so you know what, if any, precautions you need to take.

Don't tell him that you have "horrible" or "terrible" news - just be factual, and let him know that you haven't told him yet because you were processing, but realized that you want this relationship to be based on trust and open communication, so you're telling him.

As for your ex - is he trustworthy? Is he mature enough to handle this information without running and telling everyone, "Hey Pinkpink has bumps on her vaginal area!"? If he is, then talk to him. If he isn't, then don't.

Get the WB, and go from there with the ex. If you're positive, you should let him know. Don't worry about him right now. You're getting the WB, so you don't need him at the moment.
I had sex Jan 1 2018 with my first bf, after that encounter I tested for IGG hsv 2 on May 2018 since I had bumps and I tested negative . I went to the other clinic on June 2018 and they did the culture on the bumps and it came back negative for hsv 2. The bumps were red, they burned a little they were hard. They lasted for almost a month they were cultured probably a week after they appeared. They eventually went away on their own and I haven’t seen them since.

My first bf isn’t trustworthy at all, based on the information I’m giving you could the IGG hsv 2 have missed it 5 months after exposure?

As for the last guy I was dating after my current bf, he was pretty upset I stopped talking to him so I’m sure he wouldn’t be trustworthy either.

Thankyou so much for your advice,im hoping that on Monday I get the western blot and eventually will have to speak to my current bf I really hope he understands. Thankyou again, you are helping me so much.
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This is still considered a low positive result. Do you have any symptoms?
Order the Western Blot kit.

If you do not have any symptoms, and according to that result it is very low. I doubt you have herpes.

Do not stress please.
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I haven’t had any symptoms at all, no bumps of any kind anywhere (or not that I noticed).I did feel very  nauseous  and lightheaded 4-5 weeks after exposure it felt a lot like vertigo. Is that a sign that my body might had been producing antibodies. Should I even bother getting the biokit test to confirm it ? Or should I just get the western blot ? I have heard it’s very hard to get though.  Im just so shocked, I feel like all this is a dream.
There is a REALLY high chance that this is a false positive.

If you can get the Biokit, get that done. The WB is fairly tricky to get done. Your doctor can order it, but you would have to convince your doctor that this is likely a false positive (I'll link some things at the end), and then your doctor has to order it from the University of Washington. You can also go through Terri Warren at the Westover Heights Clinic, but you'd have to self-pay. It's not cheap. Are you in the US?

The CDC and experts in this field all think that anything below a 3.5 on the test needs to be confirmed.



https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/diagnosed-6-yrs-ago-low-index-value-for-hsv-2/ - This example cites that a 1.47 has an 85% chance of being a false positive. (Terri Warren is one of the world's leading experts on herpes.)

You had protected sex. While it's still possible to get herpes, it's not likely. There is some question because your results are rising, but it's still a really low result.

I'm sorry you have to go through this, but you'll get through it, no matter what the result is. I promise. :)

If the biokit comes back negative could I be certain That the hsv IGG are false positives ? I live in the US, should I skip the biokit and get a western instead?  If it is a false positive, what in my blood could be causing it ? I did start eating a lot of kale and protein shakes this year. Could my diet affect these test?   Also if it were in fact positive could my equivocal going to positive proof that it was the guy I was dating 3 months ago that gave me this ? Was the equivoca my blood not presenting enough antibodies ? Thankyou for all your help
Yes, if the biokit is negative, you don't have herpes. It's up to you if you want to get the WB - it's more time consuming, more expensive (if you can't get your doctor to order it), but it's probably a better test.

Nothing causes it. Your diet doesn't do a thing to alter the test. It's just kind of a flukey test.

Yes, if you are positive, it would be the guy from 3 months ago, I'd imagine, or you'd have higher antibodies by now. The equivocal could mean you don't have enough antibodies yet, or it could be that it's just a false positive on a test that really needs to work out it's ranges.
Thankyou for answering my questions. If I had been tested in the past with an IGG test and came back completely negative. Does that drop my probability of having a false positive since I had been tested in the past and was actually completely negative?  Also since I don’t have hsv 1  does that make it less likely to be a false positive ? I do recall having a pimple like sore on my lip once about a year ago, is there a posibility that I might actually have hsv 1 and the test is confusing it with hsv2? I’m so scared to continue testing.  Thankyou for all your support and wisdom, im so nervous.
I can't answer about past tests compared to today, or whether or not your pimple sore was actually hsv1 - we don't have those answers and I didn't see your sore. At 1.25, it's highly likely to be a false positive, whether or not you have hsv1 already.

You have about an 85% chance of this being a false positive. Definitely weigh your mental health against testing again. If you can't handle knowing the results, there's no reason you should test again, unless you do a confirmation test. Definitely don't do an IgG test again.

Are you in counseling? Definitely consider that. This is stressful, but your anxiety seems like not a new thing.
Thankyou so much for your support, I haven’t had any counseling  yet I feel like I really would need it. I contacted my insurance with information already. I have received more support from you though than any of these healthcare offices Thankyou. I think I’m more afraid on how I’ll tell my bf , especially since we jst started our relationship,  and it’s something very serious to talk about. Idk if he’ll reject me because of the stigma. It’s jst a shock, I have had so much unprotected sex in the past with my first bf who was cheating on me during our relayionshop about 2 years ago and everything came back negative including the IGG hsv tests 1 year after exposure. And now I had protected sex one time encounter, and i might be infected. It’s just crazy how the odds are, how it took one encounter with protected sex. I think I’ll eventually get the biokit for some closure,  I called and they stated it would be 295 for the test here in the US is that normally how much it is ?  
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