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Herpes? Condom broke twice

So I had sex with a girl I met for the first time on 12.5 and the condom broke. It was about 5-8 secs when I realized what happened. I pulled out and put on a new condom and continued. No signs of infection yet. On 12.17 I had sex with a different girl for the first time and the condom also broke, about 5 secs max passed and I pulled out and put on another condom and continued. FYI I usually don't have issues with condoms and they don't usually break like this.
On 12.25 I noticed little raised bumbs at the base of the head of my penis. At first I didn't think anything of it until the next day when the bumbs didn't go away. I then was in panic and automatically thought herpes. Looked at a lot of the images online and some of the images looked similar. Just small bumbs close together, no open sores or redness (darker skinned) and also no pain or itching. I don't have flu like symptoms but have a slight sore sinus maybe from the cold weather.

The bumbs haven't really changed since 12.25 and I'm wondering what's the likelyhood that I'm infected with a STD? I'm going to get tested very soon but wanted to get some info before I drive myself crazy about this.
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It doesn't sound like herpes. Herpe sores progress quickly into fluid filled blisters. Also they are usually painful. I would suggest going to your Dr or a dermatologist to have them looked at. If nothing else it will put your mind at ease
Thank you. Went this morning. Wasn't herpes. Dr. said it would go away on its own.
Outstanding!! Good news.
Have a happy new year
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